Myrkur, “Ulvinde” Music Video

Myrkur‘s new song and video for the track, “Ulvinde” is exactly what I was hoping for when I learned of the new record coming out.  Much in the way Opeth successfully meshed Death Metal with 70’s-style Rock (before controversially focusing on Rock in a more exclusive way), Myrkur is successfully tying two extremes to one another.

A prime example of Amalie Bruun’s masterful execution of the crossover between Black Metal and Singer / Song-writer genres is the latest track which comes from the upcoming record, Mareridt.  I can’t forget the moment I saw Myrkur live for the first time.  I was instantly a fan, and since that time Amalie has been someone I have followed closely in the social space.

There’s something about the mix of styles and her execution of them that draws me to the music.  There is a timelessness to it that can’t be replicated with intent by most bands, and yet it exists within the music of Myrkur.

Myrkur Live Photos From Tuska 2016
Amalie Bruun, Myrkur, Live At Tuska 2016 – Click to view the full gallery

The music video is actually quite simple but shot with great quality, which is also something that spans to Myrkur‘s music and persona.  There is a raw, yes carefully planned scope, and the final result is a masterpiece.  As NPR so eloquently stated:

At one point in the video Bruun stands accompanied by three young women representing the Norns, the three fate goddesses of Norse mythology. In “Ulvinde,” as elsewhere on Mareridt, Bruun is writing music about controlling her own fate. In another person’s hands, this song could be mythopoetic escapism. With Bruun’s voice it is a prescription: Go into the wild, take an evil sound, bend it to a positive end.

Due on September 15th 2017, Mareridt will be the second studio record from Myrkur.  Enjoy the new video:

Myrkur, “Ulvinde”

Myrkur, “Två Konungabarn”

Myrkur also released a track exclusively for Decibel Magazine as part of their Flexi Series.  This track does not appear on Mareridt but it’s fun to hear Amalie sing in English…..

Myrkur, “Shadows Of Silence”

Mareridt is due out September 15th on CD/LP/DLX 2xLP/Digital
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