Myrkur: "Mausoleum" Album Review

It’s a SkullsNBones must-have record.

Myrkur: "Mausoleum" Album Review

It’s a dark, hazy day here in downtown Helsinki, and as I write this I have the new Myrkur live record Mausoleum playing at high volume. The setting and the music match in the most epic and almost spiritual way, and the mood is exactly what you can expect from the scene I am describing.

Myrkur Live Photos From Tuska 2016
Amalie Bruun, Myrkur, Live At Tuska 2016

Myrkur’s set at Tuska took me completely by surprise. When you hear the music on the records, it’s beautiful and dark, but if you don’t experience the mood the right way, seeing it live drives the point home by taking that feeling and drives it right through your soul. With Mausoleum being a live recording, you really get a lot of that experience in audio format.

The new recording is an acoustic rendition of seven of Myrkur’s previously recorded songs, a brand new song, and the cover of Bathory’s, “Song To Hall Up High” that Bruun has made so much her own in her live shows. The music was performed in the Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum in Oslo, Norway with the Norwegian Girls Choir and ex-Ulver guitarist, Håvard Jørgensen on the acoustic guitar.

Myrkur, Mausoleum Album Review By Sam Roon
Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum in Oslo, Norway

Each track is beautifully executed and Amalie Bruun’s natural talent shines through perfectly.  I haven’t heard a live recording executed so perfectly in a long time and the team backing her up is flawless.

The record will be released on August, 19 2016 via Relapse Records. After listening through the digital tracks, I can promise you that hearing it on LP is probably going to be an experience you won’t forget. I’m going to dust off the record player because I need to experience it that way.

If I had to sum up Myrkur’s, Mausoleum in one sentence, it would be this: Amalie Bruun is a songwriting genius, Mausoleum is a masterpiece, and Myrkur is the project you will want to know about when your friends ask you what’s new and different.  If you don’t own the debut full-length record, M, you need to get that. On August 19, you need to get Mausoleum.

Don’t sit on this one people.  It’s a SkullsNBones must-have record.

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Pre-order Myrkur‘s Mausoleum at the Relapse Records Store.  (There are 500 white LPs available … well, 499 now that Sam has pre-ordered one.)

Myrkur, Mausoleum Album Review By Sam Roon