My Funeral Releases New Track, “Speed of Death”, To The Masses!

Are you ready for some underground thrash?!  I sure am, and I’ve got my ticket to see these guys bring Helsinki to its knees on March 13th.  I’m assuming a lot of you aren’t going to swim here (mostly because the ocean is frozen at the moment) so how about a preview track from the band’s upcoming album?

My Funeral‘s new record, Violence Academy will be released independently on March 13th here in Finland and the guys just released the track, “Speed of Death” to give you a little taste of what it’s all about.  In a sentence, the track is aggressive, groovy, and everything you’d want from an underground thrash outfit, and I can’t fucking wait to see the reaction it gets live next month.

Have a listen, and if you’re into it, support this hard-working underground band by ordering their album from

my funeral - violence academy


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