Mushroomhead: “A Wonderful Life” Album Review


Mushroomhead: “A Wonderful Life” Album Review

It’s been the six years and multiple lineup changes since their last album, but Mushroomhead are back with their wonderful eighth album, A Wonderful Life. With 17 tracks and a run time of over 70 minutes, fans will be quick to discover that this album is worth the wait.

Mushroomhead saw a lot of success with their last album, The Righteous And The Butterfly, but, sadly, they had to depart with two of their singers and their keyboardist since then. These big lineup changes had a lot of fans, including myself, worried about the future of the band, but I think it’s safe to say that Mushroomhead are still in fine form.

A Wonderful Life starts and ends with operatic singing, which is new for Mushroomhead, but it is incorporated well and makes the album standout in their discography. It’s hard to choose a favorite track on this album because each one is unique, not only from the others on the album, but from the songs they have released over the course of their career. There are songs like “What A Shame,” which gives off this really cool dark carnival type vibe, and heavy tracks like “Madness Within.” The seven-minute epic “Where The End Begins” brings me close to tears.

A Wonderful Life boasts a shift in Mushroomhead’s sound, but it’s done well. I was worried about how the new vocalist would sound, given the huge shoes required to replace Jeff Nothing. Mr. Rauckhorst brings some of my favorite vocal melodies in Mushroomhead history on this album, and Ms. Jackie does an amazing job as well.

A Wonderful Life is out now on Napalm Records. Buy it here!

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