Murder Made God: "Enslaved" Album Review By Jason Z!

Murder Made God: "Enslaved" Album Review By Jason Z!

Murder Made God: "Enslaved" Album Review By Jason Z!

Sometimes a metalhead just needs to put on something brutal as fuck, let it all loose, and get the old neck muscles stretched out and back in shape. Murder Made God’s new release, Enslaved, is the perfect album to accompany your death metal yoga. It’s precise, fast, chunky and brutal. It comes at you like the Titanic to an iceberg. They pull no punches, and don’t shy away from being not only razor-sharp, but technical, too.

“Victims” starts off in a bludgeoning flurry of blast beats and chugging bass lines. Right away, I’m overtly reminded of Decapitated, but Murder Made God hold their own. The title track harnesses a bit more of a melodic feel, but it is no less brutal. The throat gargling vocals are simply evil! “The Titan, the Fighter and the Thief” is another sharp, extremely fast song, but it has an almost tribal feel to it. It’s dark and hypnotic.”Depression” is even heavier, if that’s possible. It’s crunchy and grinding, providing an unadulterated lesson in technical death metal. “The Irony Of Faith” picks the pace back up, and reminds me of Dying Fetus. It’s not only pummeling, it’s kind of catchy. “Urban Warfare” is my favorite here with its slower, heavier-than-hell grind that builds up to pure oblivion!

This is an album that must be listened to multiple times and at maximum volume to truly enjoy what is going on in every song. The mix is good, but it’s not great. I would love to hear the guitars brought up front a bit, but that’s my only complaint here, and it’s a minor one. If you enjoy technical death metal the likes of Decapitated, Dying Fetus and Abysmal Dawn, you will most certainly enjoy Greece’s Murder Made God.

Enslaved is out now on Comatose Records. Buy it here!

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