MUNICIPAL WASTE INTERVIEW BY METAL MARK!The awesome Municipal Waste will be releasing their new CD, “The Fatal Feast”, on April 10th in North America and April 13th in Europe via Nuclear Blast Records. The album features guest appearances by John Connelly of Nuclear Assault, Steve Moore of Zombi, and vocalist Tim Barry of Avail. I have been thrashing this album for a few weeks now and I truly believe it’s the best Municipal Waste album ever! If you love true thrash metal than this CD is for you!

Earlier this week I got to speak with vocalist Tony Foresta about the upcoming album, tours, drinking, videos and much more! Enjoy the interview below!

With every new album, most bands will say that it’s their best record or the “heaviest” record yet, but with “The Fatal Feast” I truly believe it’s the best record from Municipal Waste. Without sounding too cliche, what are your thoughts on that opinion?

Yea, I think it’s definitely one of the better albums we’ve written as a band. I hate being the guy to say “Oh, it’s the heaviest record ever” or “This album will melt your face off”, but I really feel that way about this record. I feel it’s really strong from start to finish and it’s good because we worked our asses off writing it (laughs). It’s always great when you’re completely happy with the finished result. I think it’s awesome.

I totally agree. Speaking of the word awesome, you guys had the legendary John Connelly from Nuclear Assault do guest vocals on the title track. How was that experience for you guys, because I know you are huge fans of the band?

That was just awesome man! He is such a cool, nice guy too. All of us in the band, like you said, are huge Nuclear Assault fans. I mean that’s one of the reasons I wanted to be in band ya know, because of their music. For us to have John on the record is just such a huge honor. I was so nervous when I called him and asked him! It was funny because we’ve played shows with Nuclear Assault before and he knows our material, but I was still nervous as hell (laughs). But yea, it’s definitely an honor to have him on the record and it’ll be one of my favorite tracks we’ve ever written just because John is on there.

Very cool. Well my favorite track is “Covered In Sick/The Barfer” and I heard the lyrics are based around a funny story about yourself. Can you elaborate on the story for us?

Haha yea it’s kind of a take on something that happened to me, but yea I’ll tell ya the story! The VCU basketball team went to the Final Four last year and I had a huge party at my house with members of GWAR, Lamb Of God, and others, and we raged pretty hard. We went out to Broad Street and there was a huge riot after the game. People were partying everywhere, I ended up getting tear gassed, man it was fucking crazy! I pretty much blacked out at some point that night and the morning was the best part. I walked out on my front porch and the whole porch was wrecked man! Chairs were knocked over and broken beer bottles were everywhere! Honestly, it looked like a ten person fist fight broke out in front of my house. So I got in touch with my roommate and asked him what happened and he said, “That was all you man!” Evidently I came home still partying and throwing shit everywhere. So the chairs and broken beer bottles was all me (laughs).

So you were a one man wrecking crew.

Yea man! That whole day was trying to piece together what the fuck happened the night before and that’s kind of where the songs comes from. Inspiration comes from different places right?

Definitely! You said that members of GWAR were at your house that night and you guys will be heading out on the road with them pretty soon. How much of the new material will we hear on this upcoming tour?

We are thinking of doing two songs a night and then rotating the other songs throughout the tour. We want to see which songs we really like to play live and the fans seem to enjoy on this tour so when we head out on a headlining tour the selection process will be a lot easier. The GWAR tour will mostly be the hits, those new songs I was talking about, and some really old songs that we haven’t played ever in concert. It’ll be a very diverse set that hits stuff from every Municipal Waste album, so it should be a pretty fun tour!

Now Municipal Waste is legendary for your music videos and I know two are in the works right now. Are there any hints about the upcoming clips that you can share with us?

All I can say is one involves a junkyard and the other one is space themed. I know that’s not much, but I really don’t want to give too much away! But yea, we have two in the works and we will probably work on a third once we get back from the GWAR tour.

A lot of bands don’t feel that videos are important anymore and then there are bands like you guys and Behemoth who continually put out impressive and entertaining videos. Why do you feel videos are still important?

Videos are fun man! We love them! You’re right though, the Behemoth videos are fucking insane. I like that shit a lot. Personally, I think videos are just as important as the album cover ya know. It’s another way for your band to express yourself and I truly think people still enjoy seeing a good video nowadays. I’ve always been a huge advocate for making videos with this band. Right after we finish recording an album, I’m ready to shoot a new video. It’s a really big deal to me.

I totally agree with ya there. Now for the last question, you talked earlier about the major partying you’ve done and the band is legendary for knowing how to throw down beers unlike any other band. Is there any band that you just can’t hang with in a night of drinking?

Is drinking a competition now?! Shit man, we used to throw down a lot harder than we do now. It’s that whole getting old thing. If I had to choose one band that still throws down hard it would have to be Toxic Holocaust. Phil Zeller is a god damn maniac! It seems like every time we hang out with those guys we end up staying up all night and not remembering it the next morning. Honestly man, I don’t drink as much as I used to. Obviously it depends on the tour, but sometimes you just got to do something else after a show!

So can we expect some future Municipal Waste songs about drinking water then?

Hell no! (laughs).

Haha that’s good to hear! Well I leave this last little bit for you man. Do you have anything to say to the fans out there?

Thanks for sticking with us after eleven years! It’s been a crazy ride, but we wouldn’t be able to do it without the fans and dudes like you giving us press, so we really do appreciate it. Definitely come check us out on the road with GWAR and get “The Fatal Feast” when it hits stores in April. Keep raging!

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