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Mourning Sign: “Contra Mundum” Album Review


Mourning Sign: “Contra Mundum” Album Review

Contra Mundum in Latin means to defy or oppose everyone else. We all know that is the essence of our beloved metal genre. Mourning Sign are a Swedish progressive death metal outfit that have been around for quite some time. They formed in 1992, and their previous discography includes their debut, Last Chamber; Alienor, 1993’s mini CD; a self-titled album in 1995; and Multiverse, which was released in 1996. Due to various other projects, the band went on hiatus until reforming in 2016. Contra Mundum, which will be limited to 500 copies, is certainly not tiresome, and Mourning Sign weave together dark and complex song structures that are relatively haunting.

From the album-opening “Dualism” with its rich groove and gripping riffs to the nod to black metal embedded in “These Scars,” I am thoroughly taken with Mourning Sign‘s precision. They embrace a furious pace when the songs demands, such as “Nest of Vipers” with its hyper-speed drumming and thunderous, textured rhythms. “Sleep” is nothing of a peaceful respite, but rather it is a twisted nightmare with demons was beckoning you to a permanent slumber.

Contra Mundum is replete with roaring vocals, craggy imperious riffs and melodies that chug through the morbid atmospheres.

Contra Mundum is out December 20 via Orchestrated Misery Recordings. Keep an eye out for pre-order information here!

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