Motorhead: “Under Cover” Album Review

Reviewing Motorhead‘s Under Cover album is a double-edged sword of emotions for this writer. A new Motorhead album? Fuck yeah! But it’s also a gut-clenching, heartbreaking reminder that we now live in a world without Lemmy Kilmister.

Under Cover is an album of cover songs by Motorhead. I always loved any readings of other artists’ songs that Mr. Kilmister and the boys snuck out over the course of their career. If Motorhead liked the song enough to record it, that’s the motherfucking be all, end all seal of approval. Done and done. Whether it was punk or metal or rockabilly or even country, Lemmy didn’t give a shit. He liked what he liked, and that’s all that should matter to anyone. Some may see this release as a cash grab. Well, no shit, dumb asses, bands and record companies release albums to make fucking cash.

The high point of Under Cover is easily the reading of one of the greatest David Bowie songs (and one of the greatest love songs) ever written, “Heroes.” The irony of both Kilmister and Bowie passing away within weeks of one another isn’t lost on this listener. But Motorhead take this track into soaring heights, possibly surpassing the original. It has surely reached both men in Heaven as they look down smiling. In the words of the song, “We can be heroes, just for one day.” Those are words every human being should hold deep in their hearts and souls each day.

Under Cover is out September 1 on Silver Lining Music/Motörhead Music. Pre-order it here!

Motorhead - Promo

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