“With 6 tracks, MOSS proves more than ever why this English cult band is regarded exactly as such. While still no easy pill to swallow for the uninitiated, over its duration, Horrible Night will demand complete mind control. Nonsense prefixes such as “stoner”, “sludge” or “drone” do not apply here; this is pure DOOM METAL, a celebration of horror, the arcane and the unknown.”
– Press release


Sludge metal, stoner metal, and doom metal. Name the differences.

You can’t?

I win.

And here’s my prize:

I saw the track ticker for this on another site and moaned ruefully. “Those aren’t ten minutes, right? Please tell me that’s not ten minutes long.” I want to go to bed. I don’t have time for this. (Even though I just watched two 10 minute videos which were surprisingly NOT porn, for once.)

Funny how that works. Depending on what you’re into, 10 minutes can either feel like 60 seconds or 20 minutes.

This… felt like 8 minutes. I don’t relish this stuff, but when it stops I NEED to hit replay. It compels me. Like a lullaby. A lullaby made out of Black Sabbath. Who I actually don’t care about. Someone on said that MOSS‘s first album was good to fall asleep to.

Then s/he got told off.

You gotta hope a band as slow and sludgy as this, writing a song called “Horrible Nights“, is at least partially self-aware.

“Our highest regards and deepest commiserations to everyone so far who’s experienced our Horrible Night,” they chime on their Facebook page.

Good, because I suspect one of them is also running around trolling bad press. And I don’t blame them. Metal critics exist to be trolled. It’s how we feed. How do we sleep?

By listening to doom metal.


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Horrible Night track listing:
1. Horrible Nights
2. The Bleeding Years
3. Dark Lady
4. Dreams from the Depths
5. The Coral of Chaos
6. I Saw Them That Night


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