Mortuous: “Among the Lost / Mors Immortalis” Reissue Review


Mortuous: “Among the Lost / Mors Immortalis” Reissue Review

Mortuous are a doom/death metal band that formed in 2009 and who originate from San Jose, California. Among the Lost / Mors Immortalis is a limited release, featuring their 2012 demo recordings, Among the Lost, and 2009’s Mors Immortalis.

Seeing as there are two versions to some of the songs, I’ll review them in comparison. “External Deformities” in its first form seems to have heavy use of reverb and fuzzed out guitars and is not all that pleasing to the ear. The second version of the same song has a nice rawness and the drums are more prominent; however, the vocals aren’t discepherable and it sounds as though recorded under a pillow in the garage.

I was digging the nefarious undertones on “The Eternal Realm” until you get a little over two minutes in when the guitar noodling commences. The second version is stripped of its fuzzy effects and actually sounds more sinister than the previous.

The first “Obscured Animation” sounds a hell of alot better than the second, as the latter just sounds like a practice session.

So now onto the singular songs. I liked “Subjugation of Will” which it sounds more professional and I imagine it to be a pit-inducer when performed live. My choice pick would be “Among the Lost” with it’s faster blasts, phenomenal growl, and downtuned guitar that gives it flair (like Dying Fetus on speed).

Unfortunately, I am not very keen on this double release, and I would rather see what these guys can deliver in the present day. Unless a band is in the, shall we say, higher echelons of the metal world, not many people will seek out albums of old demos. Hopefully in the future Mortuous will channel that rawness into a brand new full-length.

Among the Lost / Mors Immortalis is out now on Carbonized and Triumvirate Of Evil Records. Buy it here!

Mortuous - Among the Lost - Promo

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