Morbid Angel – Live Photos From The Forge In Joliet, IL!


Morbid Angel – Live Photos From The Forge In Joliet, IL!

Morbid Angel – I’ve been a fan of this band since I saw the video for “Rapture” on Headbangers Ball. I’ve bought every album, tracked down Entangled in Chaos before it was readily available, and hell, even one of my tattoos is inspired by an old t-shirt design of theirs. Trey Azagthoth and crew have been putting out some of the best death metal in the genre since 1989 when they released Altars of Madness. Some will argue over which singer is better, or that it’s “…not Morbid Angel if David Vincent isn’t in the band,” which to me is complete BS. The band are still as solid as it ever was, and Steve Tucker is a great frontman.

When the Kingdoms Disdained tour was announced, I jumped on it immediately. The chance to photograph one of my all-time-favorite bands? Count me the hell in!

I knew going in that they would only play Tucker era material, and that was actually amazing. Starting out with “I” from Gateways to Annihilation, they ran through quite a good selection of material from both the new and previous albums. One personal highlight for me was finally hearing “Covenant of Death” live, my absolute favorite song from Formulas Fatal to the Flesh.

As for the live show – it’s Morbid Angel. They aren’t flashy or jumping all around the stage. However, you get a technically precise show with leads from Azagthoth that sound nearly identical to what you hear on the albums. As for the new lineup, Tucker fits like an old, comfortable glove. Honestly, it’s like he never left the band. New guitarist, Dan Vadim Von, seems to fit in well with Trey’s style of playing; but the highlight of the stage had to be drummer Scott Fuller. Dude fucking killed it. Fuller is as precise as an atomic clock behind the kit. The band made a great choice by bringing him into the mix.

Morbid Angel are currently wrapping up their Kingdoms Disdained tour with Origin, Dreaming Dead, and Hate Storm Annihilation. Go see them on tour! My coverage from the show at The Forge in Joliet, Illinois, is in the gallery below.