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Moonspell: “Domina” Video Released!

Moonspell: "Domina" Video Released!

Moonspell: “Domina” Video Released!

Moonspell delighted fans everywhere with the release of “Extinct” earlier this year, which as they said, “is a musical and emotional manifesto that puts the D of darkness back into dark metal.” Since it’s release they’ve been promoting the powerful album with tours all across the globe, and today they have a brand new video from the impressive record! As they told Decibel Magazine, “Our new video for ‘Domina’ has a simple intention. To share with the fans our true nature: letting our body and soul and emotions fly free on stage; but also try to impersonate Cristiano Ronaldo’s signature kicks. Lunar and solar. It’s also a way of saying thank you to everyone who massively supported Extinct and came to the many shows we have been playing since the album release.

Enjoy the “Domina” video below, and if you haven’t yet, pick up Moonspell‘s “Extinct” today!