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Monteith: “Monteith Mania” Album Review


Monteith: “Monteith Mania” Album Review

Hailing from New Brunswick (the Canada one, not the New Jersey one) comes Monteith who are throwing their hats into the ring to see if they have what it takes to wear the crown in our search with Steel Panther to find the creme de la creme in the unsigned and unknown bands out there around the world.

Monteith draw their influences from the old school heyday of hard rock and heavy metal. With screams that remind you of 1979 David Lee Roth and a guitar sound that makes you think of early Judas Priest, this band honed their chops listening to the masters. Monteith Mania plays like a long lost record from 1980 recently unearthed and being heard for the first time in 40 years.

As someone who was a teenager during that time period – yeah, I’m old – I got to see all the cool bands, so suck it! (Ahem) As I was saying, this is the sound of rock and roll that made me a metal head. They say a scent can bring back the most intense memories but for me it’s a guitar riff or a lead singer’s howl.

My fave tracks off of the album are probably “Abyssonaut” and “Wicked Riff of the West.” I gotta say, between Playhouse and Monteith, Canada is keeping the classic sound of hard rock alive and well.

Monteith Mania is out now. Buy it here!

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