Misanthropia: “Omerta” Album Review

Well, it looks like the Scandinavian countries aren’t the only place to find quality symphonic black/death metal these days. Out of the Netherlands comes Misanthropia and their new album, Omerta.If you dig your metal loud, scary and in your face, this is a band for you.

Now, always being perfectly honest with you, my loyal fans, this is not exactly my cup of metal tea. But, I will say these Dutch boys are pretty damned good at what they set out to do. They dole out well-crafted songs with big soaring riffs that come at you like black-winged valkyries of doom. The vocals have just that right pitch of terror-induced screaming, and the guitars have a very full and obvious symphonic feel for them. Stand-out songs for me are “Torture,” “Rattling Guns and a Barking Shepherd” and “The  Executioner.”

So, if you have any Children of Bodom or Dimmu Borgir in your collection, give Misanthropia‘s Omerta a listen. I think you might find a new band to dig.

Omerta is out today on Via Nocturna. Buy it here!

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