Unleashing the Beast: Mike Dean Of Corrosion Of Conformity On No Cross, No Crown In Exclusive Interview


Unleashing the Beast: Mike Dean Of Corrosion Of Conformity On No Cross, No Crown In Exclusive Interview

If you’re lucky these days, you’ve been able to catch the Black Label Society tour with Corrosion of Conformity and EYEHATEGOD like I did here in New Orleans a few days ago.

Now, this run is super special because EYEHATEGOD is a New Orleans band and Pepper Kennan of CoC owns a bar here in town. So, already adding to the fact that CoC’s new album, No Cross No Crown, is an absolute monster, getting to see them live and have a chance to talk to longtime bassist Mike Dean made this a great past couple of weeks.

Hey, Mike. How’s it going?
Great, man. Thanks for the call.

The new record, No Cross No Crown. Wow! This thing is an absolute beast.
(Laughing) Yeah, kinda think so, too.

How does it feel to be back playing with Pepper?
Well, it’s always great playing him. We’ve been friends and bandmates for a very long time.

It seems like you guys all go off and do other things for a few years but Corrosion is this “ex-girlfriend/relationship” that you keep coming back to time and time again.
True. When you’ve been in a band as long as we have, you take time off, see other people, then feel that itch to get back together and see what will happen.

Did you realize how good this record would be as you were recording it or after it was finished and you heard the finished product?
You have a feeling in the studio when a record is coming together as tow what you’re working on. But, yeah, when you can actually sit back and listen to it in it’s entirety, it really slams home on what you accomplished.

For me, my favorite track is “The Luddite.” It just builds and builds.
Definitely a good song off the record.

Excited about going out on the road with Black Label Society?
Absolutely! These are going to be some great shows with even better audiences. We are totally looking forward to getting out on the road.

Any plans to tour after this on your own?
We’re going to try. Just a matter of everyone’s schedules lining up and everything falling into place. But, yeah. We wanna get out on the road and play some festivals and headlining dates.

I’m already predicting No Cross No Crown to be in my top ten metal albums of 2018. I’m pretty sure, if you hear it, you’ll agree. If you haven’t heard this release, it is out now on Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Read our review of the album here, and buy it here!

Photos by Jason Carlson.