On Friday night the GWAR-B-Q kicked off with a touching memorial for Dave Brockie, and then Oderus Urungus was properly sent off with a powerful viking funeral(Watch it all here). On Saturday night GWAR returned to the stage, and we all found out who would be taking over as the new front man and it’s just awesome. Amongst other characters, Michael Bishop, the original Beefcake the Mighty, took the microphone as Blothar and performed an insane set with the band. One thing is for sure after seeing the performance, they will carry on the GWAR name proudly! Check out footage of the whole show, and a close up picture of Blothar thanks to our friends at Metal Insider below!

Set list: “Madness”, “Years Without Light”, “Techno Destructo”, “I, Bonesnapper”, “Sadaam a Go Go”, “Sexecutioner”, “Tormentor”, “Metal Metal Land”, “Hail Genocide”, “Bloodbath”, “Ham on the Bone”, “Let us Slay”, “Gor Gor”, “The Road Behind”, “Slaughterama”

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