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Methra: "Acolyte" Album Review By Jason Z

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Methra: "Acolyte" Album Review By Jason Z

The July 4 release date for Methra‘s Acolyte may have come and gone, but this album is way too good to let it just roll by. The merciless humor injected into overt worship of select bands makes this not only worth the listen, but genuinely fucking awesome! This two-man band, consisting of drummer Andy Kratzenberg (Godhunter) and guitarist Nick Genitals (Limbless Torso), create a storm of music so heavy, it’s impossible to ignore.

“Silverbar” opens with a very familiar tone, particularly if you are an Electric Wizard fan. It’s dark, heavy and somber. “If Everything Is Terrible, Then Nothing Is” follows the same slow and low formula. “Hartley’s Cult” is a doom classic, even including Gregorian style chants at the end.  The vocals switch from a more acidic, gargling death metal homage to almost Ozzy Osbourne-like clean vocals. “Meridian” switches things up a lot, and it’s faster, and more gruff. “Creeper” then comes back to a doomy darkness, and it’s an obvious tribute to Pentagram. “Dead Ram” is more mid-tempo, with gargled, almost unintelligible lyrics, but it has a very cool vibe. “Pike Warship” is an homage to Matt Pike and High on Fire, and the riff sounds ominously like the legendary band.

Acolyte is uber-cool, and the doom/stoner sound tinged with very tongue-in-cheek songwriting makes it not only interesting, but damned awesome!

Acolyte is out now on Battleground Records. Buy it here!

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