Metallica Returned To Their Roots After Their Record Store Day Performance!

Metallica wrapped up their time as ambassadors of Record Store Day with a historic “old school” set at Rasputin Music in Berkeley. We’ve all enjoyed the band’s official recap of the gig, plus the full performance, and now we can show you what they did after their set.

Metallica revisited their roots by heading to the San Francisco Bay area house they called home back in the early 80’s. As we all know, Metallica relocated to the Bay Area from Los Angeles in 1983 to play with bassist Cliff Burton, and it was in the garage at this house that they wrote and rehearsed much of “Ride The Lightning” and “Master Of Puppets!” Talk about an amazing garage!

Here’s what James Hetfield said about returning to this spot: “This is unbelievable to be back in this place. I think we’ve all kind of forgotten a lot of stuff that’s happened in our history and this is a great way to jog our memories and to see people’s faces here, as well. We are so grateful for everyone that’s here and has been a part of this with us. We’re just extremely grateful to still be rocking and playing after all these years, doing what we love doing…that doesn’t happen to everybody.

Check out a full video of their interview from outside of the garage below!


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