Metallica‘s debut studio album, “Kill ‘Em All,” was released on this very day thirty-one years ago, and the rest is metal history. From that point on they went on to write some of the best records our scene has ever heard, toured countless times around the world, sold millions of records, and whether or not you’re still a fan or not, they remain giants in the music industry today! “Kill ‘Em All” was a fast, mean and raw record that took American metal to new levels, and to prove that they still have the talent to pull it off thirty years later, they performed it in it’s entirety last year at their Orion Fest at a surprise performance! Let’s look back on that historic set below, and celebrate one of the greatest debut records in metal history today!

In the words of a young James Hetfield back in the early 80s, “We’ll never stop, we’ll never quit, ’cause we’re Metallica!”





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