Metal Mark’s Favorite Music Videos Of 2015!

Metal Mark's Favorite Music Videos Of 2015!

Metal Mark’s Favorite Music Videos Of 2015!

When it comes to metal videos in 2015, you pretty much know what to expect. It’s either a band performing in a dark room, or a live video shot from one of their recent shows. While those are fun to watch, there are other bands that take the music video to a whole new level. They love the visual side of their art as well, and really show it through their music videos. We saw a shitload of amazing videos this year, but I’ve narrowed my favorites down to a list of ten, and you can enjoy them below! Let me know what I missed too!

Torche: “Annihilation Affair”

Phil Mucci and Ian MacKay directed this amazing clip that depicts the fall of mankind brought about by its own robotic creations, but the events that follow are more than entertaining.

Intronaut: “Fast Worms”

For those of us who always wondered what would happen if a dolphin got stoned and drunk in 2015, Intronaut gave us the answer in this absolutely ridiculous, yet fucking hilarious video.

King Parrot: “Like A Rat”

King Parrot loves making music videos, and it shows. The “Like A Rat” clip features booze, Phil Anselmo, more booze, beads, and much more! Who wouldn’t want to hang with these guys?

Obituary: “Violence”

Obituary is one of my favorite bands of all time, so to see them animated in this hilarious new clip was beyond amazing! Plus, the song is a monster! Obituary never disappoints!

Swallow The Sun: “Rooms And Shadows”

Swallow The Sun‘s triple album was one of the most emotionally driven records of the year, and this beautiful video perfectly depicts just one of the powerful tracks on the record.

Between The Buried And Me: “The Coma Machine”

Between The Buried And Me‘s clip for “The Coma Machine” is basically a movie set to one of the best songs this band has ever written. It’s beautifully shot, the theme is obvious, and it compliments the song as if they were meant to be. Simply stunning.

Behemoth: “The Satanist”

What’s a year end video list without Behemoth? Their videos are always flawless, and this clip for the title track of their latest masterpiece is just another example of why I say that. They get it.

Slayer: “Repentless”

What happens when you bring Slayer into a prison with hardened criminals, and blast a new song?

Iron Maiden: “Speed Of Light”

With close to 10 million views, Iron Maiden‘s video for “Speed Of Light” simply rules! Follow Eddie as forty years of metal are explored alongside four decades of video games! Just AWESOME!

Mastodon: “Asleep In The Deep”

Mastodon teamed up with Skinner for the “Asleep In The Deep” video, and the end result was just brilliant. Whoever knew a feline’s experience after consuming psychedelics would be so entertaining? Thanks Mastodon! You win at life.