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Metal Mark Retires From SkullsNBones

Good luck Mark!

Metal Mark Retires From SkullsNBones

In 2007 I started a website with my best friend Jason Lekberg in an effort to create an online destination to aggregate the splintered metal scene into one place. After a couple of years and many new volunteers contributing to the site, we stumbled across a scrawny little guy in Atlanta with a deep passion for metal and loud voice on the internet.

After a few years of working with Metal Mark it became clear that he was growing into something larger than just a contributor and he took on the role of being the face of SkullsNBones. I stopped doing interviews altogether and Mark became the voice of the site.

It wasn’t long after that Mark decided to move to New York City and then I moved to Helsinki, Finland. The site had always been growing but we had transitioned out of being a destination and focused primarily on the content Mark was creating. He was so active in the scene that we molded the site around him, and he deserved it.

Today I am sad to see my friend go but also very happy to have gotten to work with him for several years. Mark is eccentric, passionate, and motivated and I know that whatever he winds up doing in the future, he will be a badass at that too. Please join me wherever you are today and raise a beer to honor everything he has done for SkullsNBones and for our scene.