All hail to Meshuggah, the almighty overlords of the “djent” genre as they approach almost 30 years as a band!  Not only is that a milestone unto itself, it marks something extremely special to listeners of heavy music. This band has always stood on their own, creating extreme music in a manner that will never appeal to the masses but will most definitely elevate them to the top anyway. They are respected as innovators, extremely talented musicians who are never afraid to try a different time signature or rhythmic pattern.

Meshuggah have created something extremely special on The Violent Sleep of Reason, recording it live in the studio, and giving it a stripped-down, human feel in contrast to classics Koloss  and Obzen. “Clockworks” starts off with a warlike pummeling among rolling, chugging riffs. The constant groove of a Meshuggah song is ever present, and Jens Kidman‘s vocals are as perfect as ever. As “Clockworks” moves into “Born In Dissonance,” they have you in a trance. “MonstroCity” is perhaps the most catchy song on the album, but this doesn’t make it any less brutal! They seem to have reached a comfort level in their own sound and really take ownership here.  “By The Ton” oozes and seethes evil in both the vocals and the heavy, razor-sharp riffs. The title track is my favorite here, and the melodies are dark and melancholy but with a core groove that form a natural yin and yang. “Our Rage Won’t Die” is a perfect Meshuggah song, and Kidman’s vocals are absolutely crushing!

The Violent Sleep of Reason is something you will like after one listen, but after 10 spins, you will most certainly love it! Meshuggah have reached a new level in their own sound and continue producing some of the most extreme music in the world. This album most certainly ranks up with their best!

The Violent Sleep of Reason is out October 7 on Nuclear Blast Records. Buy it here!

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