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Hailing from Sweden, Memory Garden have been creating powerful metal since 1992.  They have issued five other full-length albums in this time frame.  Doomain is some seriously cool stuff.  It’s like a blend of doom and power metal.  The cool part of power metal.  The melodies and harmonies are fantastic.  It took me a listen or two to acclimate, but the CD has been in steady rotation for a couple weeks now.  It’s addicting!  The combination of of the two genres is done perfectly.  Memory Garden is a talented group of guys with a definite niche.

“The Evangelist” kicks this off, and is the first single released.  The crunchy riffs and tasteful guitar solos really make this song.  Simon Johansson‘s guitar licks  fit just perfect and take you on a journey.  Stefan Berglund‘s vocals are clean and the harmonies here are tremendous.  Very powerful.  “Daughters of the Sea” is an epic song, taking you on a melody-inspired journey.  These songs have a hypnotic quality akin to some prog materials.  Johansson plays guitar with such feeling that it’s almost like they are live right in front of you.  The title track is the highlight here. “Doomain” has the qualities of the songs before it, but also has a “Rime of The Ancient Mariner” feel to it.  The chorus is heavy and alive.  I can’t get over how excellent the harmonies sound on this entire album.  They aren’t pop sounding either.  You must check this out to see.

All in all, I think with the resurgence of metal and these specific genres as of late, Memory Garden will top the mountain here.  This album is one of my favorite releases of 2013.  I hope they land a spot on one of the big US tours this summer. I’m guessing their live show will be nothing short of brilliant.

Doomain is out now on Metal Blade Record.

Rating: 5/5 Stars