• Well, last week turned out to suck major donkey cock with the news that George Romero passed away. Son of a bitch! Really, God? All the assholes here on Earth and you have to come and take George Motherfucking

  • For you metal fans who have been under a rock the last year, here’s the skinny. Wendy Dio, widow of Ronnie James Dio (The fucking man!) in conjunction with multimedia company¬†Eyellusion,¬†created a live musical e

  • OK, right off the bat, it is not cool to fap to Babymetal videos. Seriously, dudes, two of the members are only 17, so rubbing one out while watching “Gimme Chocolate” is pretty creepy. Where does one even begin

    • Babymetal fans are not going to like the first two sentences. They are just so unnecessary! Babymetal are like daughters or nieces to older fans, and idols to younger ones, but never that! They are about the least sexual band on the planet actually. Anyway, go see them, they are even more awesome from the front of a moshing crowd. They just announced a gig in California with Hellyeah supporting, and are playing some dates on the Chillis US tour. Hopefully more dates will be announced soon.

      • Yeah, pretty aggressive comments in the beginning of this post but I have been wondering what the hell the appeal is of Babymetal. It’s pop music that to an outsider feels over-produced and fake. So what is it about them that has metalheads so interested?

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