Thomas Zwijsen's Acoustic Covers Of Iron Maiden Are Amazing!

Joe Duplantier Gives You A Tour Of Gojira's Silver Cord Studio!

May 27th, 2016 Metal Releases!

Robb Flynn's Dimebolt Guitar Has Been Returned To It's Rightful Owner!

Decapitated: "Blood Mantra" Live Video Released!

Unlocking The Truth: "Monster" Video Released!

Death Angel: “Lost” Video Released!

Manowar Announces Their 'Farewell' Tour!

Carnifex: "Drown Me In Blood" Video Released!

Periphery: "The Price is Wrong" Single Released!

How To Make A Flamethrower Guitar!

Gwar Is Working On Their New Album!

Nervosa: "Hostages" Video Released!

Listen To The New Revocation Song! "Communion" Is Here!

You Must Hear The Reggae Version Of "Walk" By Pantera!

Knotfest Japan Will Include Slipknot, Lamb Of God, Deftones And More!

Iron Maiden Gives You A Glimpse Backstage!

Watch The First Footage Of Black Earth Performing Classic Arch Enemy Tracks Live!

Rob Scallon Shares His New "Metallica's "One" Played On One Guitar" Video!

Dave Mustaine Remembers Nick Menza, And Megadeth Pays Tribute At Rock 'N Derby!

HELLYEAH: "Startariot" Single Released!

Former Megadeth Drummer Nick Menza Dies At The Age Of 51.

Dates And Venues Revealed For The Summer Slaughter Tour!

Motörhead Shares "Overkill" Clip From "Clean Your Clock" CD, DVD And Blu-Ray!

Megadeth Recruits Soilwork's Dirk Verbeuren For Upcoming Shows!

Joey Jordison Announces Another New Project! Hear Sinsaenum Now!

Volbeat: "Seal The Deal" Single Released!

Despised Icon: "Beast" Video Released!

Death Angel: "Father of Lies" Single Released!

Gojira: "Silvera" Video Released!

Tengger Cavalry Shares Their First Tour Diary From The Road!

Insomnium To Release "Winter’s Gate" In September!

Cattle Decapitation: "Clandestine Ways (Krokodil Rot)" Video Released!

Nails: "Savage Intolerance" Video Released!

Chuck Garric Talks About The Upcoming Beasto Blanco Album In Our New Interview!

Damn. Rage Against The Machine Are Not Reuniting.

Blast The New Meek Is Murder Track!

Maynard James Keenan Shares His Thoughts On Donald Trump!

Incite: "Life's Disease" Video Released!

Zakk Wylde Launches A New Emjoi Set!

Whitechapel: "The Void" Single Unleashed!

Blast The New Inquisition Song! "Wings of Anu" Is Here!

Rage Against The Machine Teases A Return With Public Enemy!

Preview The New Nervosa Album Now!

Soulfly Covers “Ace Of Spades” On Stage With Members Of Suffocation, Battlecross, Abnormality And More!

Listen To Jim Breuer's New Single Featuring AC/DC's Brian Johnson!

The Devin Townsend Project, Between The Buried And Me And Fallujah Tour Dates Announced!

Watch Apocalyptica Cover Sepultura And Metallica Live!

Withered Is Streaming “Grief Relic” Online Right Now!

James Hetfield Performs An Acoustic Cover Of "Motorbreath" At 2016 “Acoustic-4-A-Cure” Concert!

Death Is Streaming The "Scream Bloody Gore" Reissue Online Now!

Suicidal Tendencies Reveal That Dave Lombardo Will Be On Their Next Album!

Slayer Announce San Diego Comic-Con Live Appearance & Signings!

IKILLYA Live Photos From Santos Party House In New York City By Max R. Sequeira!

Rob Scallon Performs Every Metallica Song In Four Minutes!

Vimic Shares Their "She Sees Everything" Video!

Bruce Dickinson Calls Out A Fan At Iron Maiden's Show In Australia!

Scorpion Child: "Moon Tension" Single Released!

The 2016 Summer Slaughter Tour Lineup Has Been Announced!

Volbeat: "The Devil's Bleeding Crown" Video Released!

Brujeria Releases “Viva Presidente Trump!” Single!

Whitechapel Debuts "Tremors" Live!

Lemmy Stamps Are In The Works In Germany!

DevilDriver: “Daybreak” Video Released!

Avantasia: "Draconian Love" Video Released!

Satyricon Is Streaming The Remastered "Nemesis Divina" Online!

Watch Corey Taylor And David Draiman Perform With Zakk Sabbath At The Ozzfest Meets Knotfest Press Conference!

May 13th, 2016 Metal Releases!

Ozzy Osbourne And Corey Taylor Announce Ozzfest Meets Knotfest!

Six Feet Under Covers "Murders In The Rue Morgue" By Iron Maiden!

Nervosa: "Hostages" Single Unleashed!

Mike Thompson Discusses The New Withered Lineup, "Grief Relic" And More In Our New Interview!

Phil Anselmo Releases The First Scour Single! Listen To "Dispatched" Here!

Steve Radeski Tells His "Iron Maiden Saved My Life" Story!

Classic Misfits Lineup Will Reunite For Riot Fest In Chicago And Denver!

Meshuggah Confirms Their New Album Is Coming This Year, And Announces European Tour Dates!

Listen To TWO New Flotsam And Jetsam Songs!

Apocalyptica Releases Their Cover Of "Battery" By Metallica!

Watch THREE New Stuck Mojo Videos!

Gruesome: "Dimensions Of Horror" Video Released!

Subrosa Unveils The Slayer Bikes!

Listen To An Early White Zombie Song! "Scarecrow #2" Is Here!

Gene Simmons Takes Back His "Pathetic" Comment On Prince, And Paul Stanley Wins At Life.

IKILLYA Is Playing A FREE Show Tomorrow Night In NYC!

Sharon Osbourne Addresses Ozzy Osbourne Split on "The Talk."

The Melvins Stream Their Cover Of The Beatles, And Announce A Summer U.S. Tour!

Zakk Wylde Announces "Book Of Shadows II" U.S. Tour Dates!

Kvelertak Is Streaming "Nattesferd" Online Now!

Watch Metallica Perform The National Anthem At AT&T Park!

Hatebreed: "Seven Enemies" Single Released!

Megadeth Live Photos From Atlanta by Shawn Evans!

Lamb of God, EYEHATEGOD And More Confirmed For GWAR-B-Q 2016!

Avatar: "The Eagle Has Landed" Video Released!

David Vincent Talks About The Formation And Future Of His Roots Project!

Slayer Has Just Announced A New Headlining Tour With Anthrax And Death Angel!

Rob Scallon Covers Metallica's "Blackened" On A Ukulele!

The 2016 Rock Allegiance Lineup Includes Slayer, Killswitch Engage, Anthrax, The Cavalera Brothers And More!

Watch Hatebreed Debut New Material Live In Europe!

Kvelertak: "Nattesferd" Single Released!

Watch The First Live Footage Of Axl Rose With AC/DC!

Ozzy And Sharon Osbourne Separate After 33 Years of Marriage.

Pantera Released "The Great Southern Trendkill" Twenty Years Ago Today!

Eight Previously Unreleased Tracks With Late Alice In Chains Singer Layne Staley Exist!

Motörhead Shares "When The Sky Comes Looking For You" Clip From "Clean Your Clock" CD, DVD And Blu-Ray!

Lacuna Coil: "Ghost In The Mist" Single Released!

Dream Theater: "Our New World" Video Released!

Vektor Is Streaming "Terminal Redux" Online Now!

DevilDriver: "My Night Sky" Single Released!

Angus Young: Brian Johnson Was Not Fired From AC/DC!

May 6th, 2016 Metal Releases!

"If 'Djent' Was Added To The Oxford Dictionary" Video Is A Must See!

Jim Breuer: "Thrash" Video Released!

Listen To A New Black Crown Initiate Song!

Joey Jordison Announces Vimic! Listen To "Simple Skeletons" Now!

HELLYEAH: "Human" Video Released!

Eluveitie Announces A Major Lineup Split!

Fear Factory Are Considering An “Obsolete” Tour!

Vektor: “Pteropticon” Single Released!

Galactic Empire Covers "The Imperial March" For May the Fourth Be With You!

Blind Guardian Announces A New Headlining Tour With Grave Digger!

Listen To Death's “Legion of Doom” Remastered For "Scream Bloody Gore" Reissue!

Dying Fetus Scatter Fan’s Ashes At Their Chicago Tour Date!

Marduk, Rotting Christ, Carach Angren And Necronomicon Tour Dates Announced!

Watch Ihsahn Play Through "My Heart Is Of The North" On His Aristides 060 Custom Guitar!

Gorguts Is Streaming "Pleiades' Dust" Online Now!

Suicide Silence And Gwar Are Confirmed For The "Gathering Of The Juggalos" Weekend!

Mastodon Has "A Ton Of Riffs" For Their New Album!

Kamelot: "My Therapy" Video Released!

Destruction: "Under Attack" Video Released!

David Vincent Covers Johnny Cash And Merle Haggard, Plus Performs New Original Country Songs Live!

Motörhead Shares "Bomber" Clip From "Clean Your Clock" CD, DVD And Blu-Ray!

Monster Truck Live Photos From Atlanta by Shawn Evans!

Joey Belladonna Performs "Face To Face" With Sevendust At Fort Rock Festival!

Katatonia: "Serein" Single Released!

Watch Gus G. Cover The "Game Of Thrones" Theme Song!

Soulfly Live Photos From Atlanta by Shawn Evans!

Rob Scallon Covers Metallica's "Master Of Puppets" On A Banjo!

DevilDriver Takes The Stage With Their New Lineup!

Gojira Just Announced A New Headlining Tour With TesseracT!

John 5: “Here’s To The Crazy Ones” Video Released!

HELLYEAH: "X" Single Unleashed!

Death Angel: "Hatred United / United Hate" Video Released!

This Weekend's NASCAR Race At Talladega Superspeedway Will Feature Monster Truck!

Volbeat: "The Bliss" Single Released!

Kylesa Is On Indefinite Hiatus!

April 29th, 2016 Metal Releases!

Amon Amarth Live Photos From PlayStation Theater In New York City By Sinestra Studios!

Randy Blythe And Alex Skolnick Detail "Unbuilt" Magazine!

Withered: "Downward" Single Unleashed!

Entombed A.D. Live Photos From PlayStation Theater In New York City By Sinestra Studios!

Gruesome Releases "Raped by Darkness" From Their "Dimensions of Horror" EP!

Intronaut, Entheos And Moon Tooth Summer Tour Announced!

Jocke Wallgren Shares Drum Cam Footage Of "Twilight Of The Thunder God" With Amon Amarth!

Whitechapel: "Mark of the Blade" Single Unleashed!

Unlocking The Truth: "Take Control" Video Released!

Opeth To Release Their Live Album, "Lamentations", On Triple Vinyl In July!

Iron Maiden Makes Their Live Debut In China With Changes To The Set!

Listen To TWO New Cough Songs!

Orion Talks "The Satanist", New Behemoth Material, And More In Our New Interview!

Belphegor, Origin, Abigail Williams And Shining Will Tour North America!

Dream Theater's Jordan Rudess Pays Tribute To Prince!

Exmortus Live Photos From PlayStation Theater In New York City By Sinestra Studios!

Periphery Announces "Periphery III: Select Difficulty" Details And A New Headlining Tour!

Belphegor's Helmuth Lehner: "I'm A Musician, Not A Fighter."

IKILLYA Shares More Guitar Parts From The Studio!

Megadeth Releases Their 360° Live Video for “Poisonous Shadows” Online!

Lars-Göran Petrov Of Entombed A.D. Performs "Guardians of Asgaard" With Amon Amarth In NYC!

Anthrax, Kreator, Behemoth, Overkill, At The Gates And More Confirmed For Gefle Metal Festival 2016!

Fallujah: "Abandon" Video Released!

Hatebreed: "Looking Down The Barrel Of Today" Video Released!

Metallica Returned To Their Roots After Their Record Store Day Performance!

Listen To A New Akercocke Song! "Inner Sanctum" Is Here!

Listen To Death's “Baptized in Blood” Remastered For "Scream Bloody Gore" Reissue!

Lacuna Coil: "Delirium" Single Released!

Trevor Phipps Talks Tour Life In Unearth, New Material And More In Our New Interview!

Listen To A Brand New Candlemass Song! "Death Thy Lover" Is Here!

System Of A Down’s Serj Tankian Shares His “Ari Im Sokhag” Video Featuring Larisa Ryan!

Corey Taylor Performs "Purple Rain" As A Tribute To Prince!

April 22nd, 2016 Metal Releases!

Gojira: "Stranded" Video Released!

Prince Remembered By Rock And Metal Musicians.

Metallica Shares "Helpless" And "Jump In The Fire" Fly On The Wall Clips From Record Store Day!

Vektor: “LCD (Liquid Crystal Disease)” Single Released!

Lacuna Coil Announces New U.S. Headlining Dates!

Zakk Wylde Officially Launches Wylde Audio Guitars and Amps!

Watch Amon Amarth's FULL Set From The Tabernacle In Atlanta!

Nick Schendzielos Shreds On A Warwick Mini-Bass!

Revocation, Krisiun, Suffocation And Carnifex Rumored For The Summer Slaughter Tour!

Incite Is Streaming "Oppression" Online Right Now!

OTEP: "In Cold Blood" Video Released!

Six Feet Under Covers "Never Satisfied" By Judas Priest!

Belphegor Frontman Spit At By Russian Orthodox Activist!

Unearth: "Never Cease" Video Released!

Amon Amarth, Entombed A.D. And Exmortus From The Front Row!

Gojira Teases Their "Stranded" Single Coming On Friday!

Toothgrinder: "Blue" Video Released!

Exmortus: "Let Us Roam" Video Released!

Watch The First Tour Diary From Hatchet And Black Fast!

Amon Amarth Wants You In Their "Raise Your Horns" Video!

Dave Mustaine And Kiko Loureiro Play Through Megadeth's "Fatal Illusion" For You!

Blast The New Nervosa Song Now!

Carcass, Ghoul, Crowbar, Night Demon Tour Announced!

Brian Johnson Issues A Statement Following His Departure From AC/DC!

Cannibal Corpse, Nile And After The Burial Rumored For The Summer Slaughter Tour!

Judas Priest Is In The Studio!

Enjoy A New Stratovarius Song! "Until The End Of Days" Is Here!

Obscura Performs Their Crushing New Material Live In Europe!

The Dillinger Escape Plan: "Prancer" Live Footage From Arctangent Festival Released!

Watch Metallica's Full Performance At Rasputin Music For Record Store Day!

Graves At Sea Live Photos From Atlanta By Shawn Evans!

Avatar: "Tooth, Beak & Claw" Single Released!

Scorpion Child: "My Woman In Black" Single Released!

You Must See This "When She Loves Metal" Clip!

Job For A Cowboy Returns To The Stage In Vancouver!

Nails: "You Will Never Be One of Us" Release Date And Video Revealed!

Metallica Is Streaming Their Performance At Rasputin Music On Record Store Day!

Doro Talks About Working With Amon Amarth!

Abnormality: “Mechanisms of Omniscience” Video Unleashed!

Watch Metallica Perform “Ride The Lightning” Live At Day On The Green In 1985!

Opeth Details Their Communion Pale Ale!

Killswitch Engage: "Define Love" Unreleased Track Is Now Released!

Blast Another New Withered Song! "Distort, Engulf" Is Here!

David Davidson Gives An Update On The New Revocation Album, And Shares A KILLER Riff!

Fear Factory Live Photos From New York City By Max R. Sequeira!

Six Feet Under Announces A New Iron Maiden And Judas Priest Covers Album! Hear "Invader" Now!

Is Dave Mustaine The Godfather of Thrash Metal?

Rob Zombie: “Get High” Video Released!

Gojira Releases A New "Magma" Teaser!

Cauldron: "Burning at Both Ends" Video Released!

Watch Deftones Perform TWO New Songs On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Metallica Shares The “Frantic” Audio Clip From Their 2003 Performance In France!

Fear Factory: "Expiration Date" Video Released!

Maynard James Keenan's Authorized Biography Has A Title And Release Date!

Despised Icon Will Be Releasing "Beast" This Summer!

Deftones: "Prayers/Triangles" Video Released!

Bruce Dickinson Shares A Take Off Video From The Cockpit Of Ed Force One!

Dimmu Borgir Re-Signs With Nuclear Blast! A New Album And Blu-Ray Is Coming!

Green Death: "Devil's Night" Video Released!

Soilwork Live Photos From New York City By Max R. Sequeira!

Kvelertak: "Berserkr" Single Released!

OTEP Is Streaming "Generation Doom" Online Now!

Dez Fafara Talks About The New DevilDriver Lineup, “Trust No One” And More In Our New Interview!

Metallica Shares Live Audio Of "For Whom the Bell Tolls" From 1985!

Watch Napalm Death, The Melvins And Melt Banana From The Front Row!

Inter Arma Releases A New Song And New Tour Dates With Withered!

Korpiklaani: "A Man With A Plan" Video Released!

Lars Ulrich Says The New Metallica Album Is "Almost Done!"

Aborted: "Divine Impediment" Video Featuring Travis Ryan Of Cattle Decapitation Released!

Kvelertak: "1985" Video Released!

Volbeat Releases "Seal The Deal & Let's Boogie" Details And A New Song!

Lacuna Coil: "The House Of Shame" Single Released!

Amon Amarth's Stage Is A HUGE Viking Helmet!

Listen To A New Hatebreed Song! "A.D." Is Here!

April 8th, 2016 Metal Releases!

You Must Hear The Death Metal Version Of The Pina Colada Song!

Watch Soulfly Perform "Archangel" On The Noite Com Danilo Gentili!

Scott Ian And Frank Bello of Anthrax Share Their "Game Of Thrones" Predictions!

Baroness: "Shock Me" Video Released!

Metallica Shares A Live Video Of "Whiplash" From 1983!

David Ellefson Chooses His Top 5 Megadeth Bass Riffs!

Cult Of Luna Is Streaming Their Entire Record Featuring Julie Christmas!

Gruesome Releases "Forces Of Death" From Their "Dimensions of Horror" EP!

Jim Breuer Shares The First Track From "Songs From the Garage!"

Death Angel: "Cause For Alarm" Single Unleashed!

Richie Cavalera Talks Incite, "Oppression" And More In Our New Interview!

Seven)suns Announces A Special Show In New York City!

Steve Vai, Zakk Wylde, Yngwie Malmsteen, Nuno Bettencourt And Tosin Abasi Kick Off The "Generation Axe" Tour!

Alice Cooper, DOWN, Sleep, Electric Wizard, High On Fire And More Are Confirmed For Psycho Las Vegas!

James Hetfield And Lars Ulrich Unbox The Deluxe Editions Of "Kill 'Em All" And "Ride The Lightning!"

Hatchet, Black Fast And Green Death Contest For The Fans!

Meshuggah Looks To Be In The Studio!

Rob Halford Says The New Judas Priest Album Will Arrive In Early 2017!

Watch This Hilarious Faith No More Parody! Mike Patton's Culinary School for Kids!

Tengger Cavalry Releases A New Video And Announces Their U.S. Tour!

Gorguts: "Besieged" Single Released!

Behemoth: "Ben Sahar" Video Released!

In Flames Is Done Recording Their New Album!

Ihsahn: "Celestial Violence" Single Released!

Metallica Shares Live Audio Of “Creeping Death” From 1983!

Triple H Paid Tribute To Lemmy With Signature Boots At Wrestlemania 32!

Mastodon's Brann Dailor Will Perform On "Late Night With Seth Meyers" This Week!

Amon Amarth: “Jomsviking” Lands In The Top 20 On The Billboard Top 200 Chart!

Volbeat Releases The First Trailer For Their New Album!

Deftones: "Hearts/Wires" Single Released!

John 5: “Now Fear This” Video Released!

Watch Decapitated Perform Two Crushing Tracks Live At In London!

Vektor: “Pillars of Sand” Single Released!

The New Episode Of "Cooking Hostile" Includes Phil Anselmo, Sebastian Bach And A Chainsaw!

Listen To A New Dark Funeral Song Now!

April 1st, 2016 Metal Releases!

Game of Thrones Cast Plays "Sword Or Metal Band" Trivia Game!

Metallica Will Be Performing At Rasputin Music In Berkeley On Record Store Day!

GWAR-B-Q 2016 Is Happening In August!

Zakk Wylde: "Book of Shadows II" Album Review By Metal Mark!

Tengger Cavalry Is Streaming Their "Mountain Side" EP Online Now!

Iron Maiden Ruled Madison Square Garden!

Motörhead: "Clean Your Clock" CD, DVD And Blu-Ray Details Revealed!

Watch Fear Factory Perform "Demanufacture" Live In It's Entirety In Texas!

Lamb Of God’s Mark Morton Releases Another Amazing New Solo Track!

Blast A New Death Angel Song! "The Moth" Is Here!

Listen To A Brand New Katatonia Song!

Watch Metallica Perform "No Remorse" Live At The Metal Hammer Festival In 1985!

Hear New Music From Gojira In Their Latest Album Teaser!

Listen To Death's “Zombie Ritual” Remastered For "Scream Bloody Gore" Reissue!

James Hetfield And Sammy Hagar Announce The 2016 "Acoustic-4-A-Cure" Concert Details!

Unlocking The Truth Will Be Releasing Their Debut Album, "Chaos", In June!

Zakk Wylde: "Sleeping Dogs" Video Released!

Tombs Is Streaming Their "All Empires Fall" EP Online Right Now!

Green Death Is Streaming "Gates Of Hell" Featuring David Vincent Online!

Watch Andreas Kisser Perform "Indians" With Anthrax On Stage In Brazil!

Metallica Is Streaming The Remastered Version Of “Creeping Death” Online Now!

Black Tusk: “God’s On Vacation“ Video Released!

The New Episode Of "Cooking Hostile" Includes Phil Anselmo, Fred Durst And A Chainsaw!

Mikael Åkerfeldt Details The "Book Of Opeth" Coming In April!

Deftones Announce New U.S. Tour Dates With Refused!

Watch Caliban Debut Their New Material Live In Germany!

Metallica Shares Live Audio Of "Seek & Destroy" From 1984!

Watch GoPro Headstock Footage Of Kiko Loureiro Shredding Through "Holy Wars" With Megadeth!

Voivod, King Parrot And Child Bite North American Tour Announced!

Avatar: "The Eagle Has Landed" Single Released!

Tengger Cavalry: "War Horse" Live Video Released!

Alekhine’s Gun Live Photos And Video From Fontana's By Max R. Sequeira!

Ihsahn: "Crooked Red Line" Single Released!

March 25th, 2016 Metal Releases!

Abnormality: "Swarm" Single Unleashed!

Megadeth Exclusive Live Photos From New York City By Sinestra Studios!

Doro: "Love's Gone to Hell" Video Released!

Listen To Another New Cult Of Luna Song Featuring Julie Christmas!

Obscura Is Streaming “Akróasis” B-Side “The Origin Of Primal Expression” Right Now!

Walls Of Jericho: "Reign Supreme" Video Released!

Watch 16 Year Old Shredder, Tina S, Take On "Tornado Of Souls" By Megadeth!

Killswitch Engage: Full Set Footage From San Antonio Is Here!

Intronaut: "Sul Ponticello" Video Released!

Suicide Silence Is Done Writing Their New Album!

Abbath, High On Fire, Skeletonwitch And Tribulation From The Front Row!

Suicidal Tendencies Exclusive Live Photos From New York City By Sinestra Studios!

Listen To Zakk Wylde Perform "Whipping Post" With The Allman Brothers Band In 1993!

Children Of Bodom Exclusive Live Photos From New York City By Sinestra Studios!

Chris Adler Talks Megadeth, Lamb Of God And More In Our New Video Interview!

Metallica's "Master Of Puppets" Added To The Library Of Congress’ National Recording Registry!

Skinless: "Flamethrower" Video Released!

Incite: "No Remorse" Video Released!

Nergal Says "The Process For New Behemoth Music Has Begun!"

Danzig Releases A Very NSFW Video For His Cover Of "N.I.B." By Black Sabbath!

Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Cryptopsy And Abysmal Dawn From The Front Row!

Blast Another New Withered Song!

Havok Exclusive Live Photos From New York City By Sinestra Studios!

Amon Amarth Releases A New Song, And Announces Their Drummer For The Upcoming Tour Dates!

Metallica Is Streaming The Remastered Version Of “The Four Horsemen” Now!

Killswitch Engage's "Incarnate" Debuts At #6 On The Billboard Top 200 Chart!

Overkill Will Be Releasing Their New Album In October!

Moonsorrow: "Suden Tunti" Video Released!

Dark Tranquillity, Swallow The Sun, Enforcer And Starkill North American Tour Announced!

Adam Clemans Makes His Live Debut With Skeletonwitch!

Metallica Shares The "Fade To Black" Audio Clip From Their 2003 Performance In France!

Dead Cross Unleashes "We'll Sleep When They're Dead" To The World!

Ihsahn: "Pressure" Single Released!

Rob Zombie: "Well, Everybody’s Fucking in a U.F.O." Video Released!

OTEP: “In Cold Blood” Single Released!

Destruction Releases "Second To None" To The Masses!

Fallujah: "Scar Queen" Single Released!

DevilDriver: "Daybreak" Single Unleashed!

Rob Zombie: "The Hideous Exhibitions Of A Dedicated Gore Whore" Single Released!

Child Bite: "Video Blood" Single Released!

Listen To TWO New Avatar Songs!

Judas Priest Releases "Halls of Valhalla" Clip From Their Upcoming Live DVD!

Watch Up Close Footage Of Chris Adler Performing "Holy Wars" With Megadeth!

Metallica Shares Two Unreleased Live Tracks From 1985!

Sign The Petition To Erect A Ronnie James Dio Statue In Portsmouth!

Killswitch Engage Shares An Amazing Recap Video Of Their New York Residency!

Abbath: "Winterbane" Video Released!

Zakk Wylde Performs His New Single, "Autumn Changes", On The "Hello Kitty" Guitar!

Slayer: "You Against You" Video Released!

Metallica To Headline The First Rock Show At U.S. Bank Stadium In Minneapolis!

Deftones: “Doomed User” Single Released!

Watch Soulfly's Entire Set From Moscow!

Moonsorrow Is Streaming Their Cover Of "Non Serviam" By Rotting Christ Online Now!

Brian “Head” Welch Releases His New Love And Death "Lo Lamento" Single!

Amon Amarth: "At Dawn's First Light" Video Released!

Kvelertak Debuts More New Material Live In Stockholm!

Seas Of Wake: "Loners" Video Released!

Pig Destroyer, Nails, Agoraphobic Nosebleed And More Are Confirmed For The 2016 Southwest Terror Fest!

Bill Kelilher And Brann Dailor Discuss The Evolution Of Mastodon In A Killer New Interview!

This Ronnie James Dio Tattoo Is The Greatest Tattoo Ever!

Katatonia Releases "The Fall Of Hearts" Album Trailer And More!

"The Book Of Opeth" Is Coming In April! Pre-order Your Copy Today!

Slipknot Announces Knotfest Japan Is Back Later This Year!

Rob Scallon Covers Rage Against The Machine On A Shovel!

Rob Halford Says "There’s A New Judas Priest Record On The Way!"

Animals As Leaders Has Started Recording Their New Album!

Preview "Vicious" New DevilDriver Music!

Nervosa Will Be Releasing "Agony" In June!

Watch Killer Drum Cam Footage Of Dan Wilding Behind The Kit Of Carcass!

Abnormality: "Mechanisms of Omniscience" Single Unleased!

Iron Maiden Details Their "Historic" Package For Record Store Day!

Killswitch Engage Is Streaming "Incarnate" In It's Entirety Right Now!

Caliban: "Mein Schwarzes Herz" Single Released!

Lars Ulrich Says 2016 Will Be An "In Your Face" Year For Metallica!

Judas Priest Releases "The Hellion / Electric Eye" Clip From Their Upcoming Live DVD!

Lacuna Coil Will Be Releasing "Delirium" In May!

Phil Anselmo Says His "My Awful Mistake Has Taken A Toll" And Cancels All European Festival Dates!

Trivium: "Dead And Gone" Video Released!

Killswitch Engage: “Quiet Distress” Single Released!

Watch Marty Friedman Perform "Undertow" On EMGtv!

Metallica, Iron Maiden, Anthrax, DOWN, Clutch And More Will Have Special Releases For Record Store Day!

Napalm Death: "Dear Slum Landlord" Video Released!

Hate Eternal, Vital Remains, Black Fast And Inanimate Existence Tour Dates Announced!

Hatebreed: “The Concrete Confessional“ Cover Artwork And Release Date Revealed!

Wormed Is Streaming “Krighsu“ Online Right Now!

Killswitch Engage: “Embrace the Journey…Upraised” Single Released!

Jungle Rot: "Doomsday" Video Released!

Aborted: "Retrogore" Single Unleashed!

Listen To A New Scorpion Child Song Right Now!

Hatchet, Black Fast And Green Death Tour Announced!

Skeletonwitch Releases "Well Of Despair" To The Masses!

Baroness Tells Sexual Assaulter Fan "We Don't Want You In Our Audience."

Rotten Sound Is Streaming "Abuse to Suffer" Online Right Now!

Kvelertak Announces Their "Nattesferd" Album, And Releases A New Song!

Killswitch Engage: “Just Let Go” Single Released!

Graves At Sea: "Tempest" Single Unleashed!

Brian Johnson Faces "Total Hearing Loss" And AC/DC Postpones Tour!

Anthrax's "For All Kings" Debuts At Number Nine On The Billboard Top 200!

Baroness Announces Their Spring North American Tour!

Krisiun: "Scars Of The Hatred" Live Video Released!

Korn And Rob Zombie Tour Dates Announced!

OTEP: "Zero" Single Unleashed!

The 2016 Metal Alliance Tour Will Feature Dying Fetus, The Acacia Strain And More! Dates Are Here!

Watch Deftones Perform TWO New Songs Live!

Killswitch Engage: “Alone I Stand” Single Released!

Deicide Announces Their "In The Name Of Satan" Headlining Tour!

75 Lamb Of God Songs In 7 Minutes!

Watch Slayer, Testament And Carcass Destroy The Fillmore In Philadelphia!

Whitechapel Announces The "Decade Of The Blade" Tour!

The Faceless Releases A Statement About Their Tour Cancellations!

Child Bite Releases "Born A Hog" To The Masses!

Iron Maiden Fans Photoshopped Eddie All Over Mexico City!

Dream Theater Performs A Powerful Acoustic Version Of "Wish You Were Here" By Pink Floyd!

Born Of Osiris: "The Other Half Of Me" Video Released!

Rivers Of Nihil Exclusive Live Photos By Sinestra Studios!

Tengger Cavalry Covers Black Sabbath On Manhattan TV!

Havok: "Claiming Certainty" Live Video Released!

Bruce Dickinson Discusses The Latest On The "Airlander" Aircraft!

Avatar Details Their New Album And Releases "For The Swarm" Video!

Judas Priest Releases The "Metal Gods" Clip From Their Upcoming Live DVD!

Withered Has Returned! Blast "Husk" Now!

Tombs: "V" Video Released!

Vektor: "Charging the Void" Single Released!

Rotten Sound: "Cannon Fodder" Single Released!

After The Burial: "Collapse" Video Released!

Soulfly, Suffocation, Battlecross, Abnormality And Lody Kong Tour Dates Revealed!

Anthrax: "Blood Eagle Wings" Video Released!

IKILLYA Shares The Shred From The Studio!

Blast Another New Walls Of Jericho Song! "Fight The Good Fight" Is Here!

Dark Sermon Exclusive Live Photos By Sinestra Studios!

Max Cavalera Takes You On His Tour Bus!

Devil You Know Announces Their First Ever North American Headlining Tour!

John 5: "Making Monsters" Stop-Motion Video Released!

Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik Are Streaming Their Skjuggsjá Album Online!

Corey Taylor To Launch His Beats 1 Radio Show On March 2nd!

Amorphis: "The Four Wise Ones" Video Released!

Black Fast Exclusive Live Photos By Sinestra Studios!

Nergal Shares More Clips From His Upcoming "Blues, Country And Folk" Release!

Listen To A Brand New Sylosis Song!

Watch Dave Lombardo Perform His First Shows With Suicidal Tendencies!

Slipknot, Marilyn Manson And Of Mice & Men Full Tour Schedule Revealed!

Watch Zakk Wylde Perform Black Sabbath On A Hello Kitty Guitar!

Deftones Announce A New U.S. Headlining Tour!

Pantera Was Mentioned At The 2016 Academy Awards Last Night!

Children Of Bodom Live Photos from 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise by Shawn Evans!

Sabaton Releases “Swedish Pagans” Clip From Upcoming “Heroes On Tour” DVD!

Listen To The New Caliban Song! "Paralyzed" Is Here!

Metallica Says "Recording Is In Progress" On The New Album!

Rob Zombie: "Well, Everybody's Fucking In A U.F.O." Lyric Video Released!

Judas Priest Releases The "Breaking The Law" Clip From Their Upcoming Live DVD!

February 26th, 2016 Metal Releases!

Hammerfall Live Photos from 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise by Shawn Evans!

Megadeth Performs "The Threat Is Real" Live For The First Time!

Royal Thunder Is Writing New Music Right Now!

Metal Alliance 2016 To Feature Dying Fetus, The Acacia Strain And More!

Zakk Wylde Releases His "Sleeping Dogs" Single!

Iron Maiden Kicked Off "The Book Of Souls" World Tour In Florida! The Set List And Video Footage Is Here!

Wormed: "Agliptian Codex Cyborgization” Single Released!

My Dying Bride Live Photos from 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise by Shawn Evans!

Devil You Know: "Consume The Damned" Live Video Released!

Incite Debuts "Stagnant" Live In Europe!

Bloodbath Live Photos from 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise by Shawn Evans!

Listen To The New Gorguts Song Immediately!

Jon Harvey And Steve Kiely Talk All Things Monster Truck!

Rotten Sound: "Inhumane Treatment" Single Released!

Nervosa Live Photos from 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise by Shawn Evans!

Metallica Are The 2016 "Record Store Day" Ambassadors!

DevilDriver Announces New Headlining Dates With Holy Grail, Incite And Hemlock!

HELLYEAH Premieres Their New Single, And Announces A New U.S. Headlining Tour!

Bruce Dickinson Takes You Inside "Ed Force One" In A New Video!

Crowbar Announces The "Broken Glass" 20th Anniversary Tour!

Winter's Wake Releases The Title Track Of Their Upcoming EP!

North Releases "Light the Way" Single To The Masses!

Cannibal Corpse Exclusive Live Photos By Sinestra Studios!

Rob Caggiano Confirms The New Volbeat Album Is Done!

Slipknot, Marilyn Manson And Of Mice & Men Initial Tour Dates Are Here!

Johan Hegg Talks About Having Doro On The New Amon Amarth Album!

Obituary Exclusive Live Photos By Sinestra Studios!

Metal Allegiance Announces An East Coast Tour!

Watch Zakk Wylde From The Front Row In Florida!

Gojira Is Done Mixing Their New Album!

Dave Lombardo To Play Drums For Suicidal Tendencies On Upcoming Tour!

Judas Priest And Iron Maiden Mash Up: “Hellbent For Midnight” Is Here!

Cryptopsy Exclusive Live Photos By Sinestra Studios!

Black Sabbath Shares "Paranoid" Live Footage From 1970!

Abysmal Dawn Exclusive Live Photos By Sinestra Studios!

Graves At Sea: "Dead Eyes" Single Unleashed!

Killswitch Engage: "Cut Me Loose" Video Released!

Enjoy The Maynard James Keenan Rant Compilation From Tool's U.S. Tour!

Entombed AD: "The Winner Has Lost" Video Released!

Listen To A New OTEP Song! "Lords Of War" Is Here!

Iron Maiden Shows Off Their Amazing "Ed Force One" 747 Jet!

Monster Truck Electrified Saint Vitus Bar!

Fallujah Unleashes "The Void Alone" To The World!

Metallica To Reissue "Kill 'Em All" And "Ride The Lightning" Albums In April!

After The Burial Is Streaming "Dig Deep" Online!

Death Angel Will Be Releasing "The Evil Divide" In May!

The Dillinger Escape Plan Has Started Recording Their New Album!

Slayer Previews Their "You Against You" Video!

Machine Head: “Is There Anybody Out There?” Clip Released!

Volbeat Announces New U.S. Tour Dates!

Tribulation Is Streaming Two Misfits Covers Online Now!

Slipknot Announces A New Tour With Marilyn Manson And Of Mice & Men!

Steve Vai, Zakk Wylde, Yngwie Malmsteen, Nuno Bettencourt And Tosin Abasi To Take Part In The "Generation Axe" Tour!

Destroyer 666 Is Streaming "Wildfire" Online Now!

The Black Dahlia Murder: "Threat Level No. 3" Video Released!

Judas Priest Will Release The "Battle Cry" Live CD/DVD/BLU-RAY In March!

Fear Factory Announces The Dates For Their "Demanufacture" Tour With Soilwork!

Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, Duff McKagan And Joe Perry Payed Tribute To Lemmy At The Grammy Awards!

The Band I Don't Speak Of Wins "Best Metal Performance" At The 58th Annual Grammy Awards!

Watch Soulfly And King Parrot Cover "Ace Of Spades" Live On Stage To Honor Lemmy!

Omnium Gatherum Is Streaming "Grey Heavens" Online!

Watch Vektor Debut "Psychotropia" Live, And Get More "Terminal Redux" Details!

Revocation Is Done Recording Their New Album!

Randy Blythe Performs "Dream House" On Stage With Deafheaven In Los Angeles!

Metallica Shares Their "Behind The Scenes" Video From "The Night Before" Show!

Listen To A New Melvins Song! “The Decay Of Lying” Is Here!

Holy Grail: "Sudden Death" Video Released!

Fear Factory To Perform "Demanufacture" On Their Upcoming U.S. Tour!

Destruction: "Under Attack" Artwork And Teaser Released!

Watch Whores Absolutely Crush Saint Vitus Bar!

Monster Truck Is Streaming "Sittin’ Heavy" Online Now!

Watch At The Gates, Decapitated, The Haunted And Harms Way From The Front Row!

Rotten Sound: "Brainwashed" Single Released!

Listen To TWO New Metal Church Songs Now!

Listen To A Brand New Cult Of Luna Song Featuring Julie Christmas!

Wormed Releases TWO More New Songs To The Masses!

Incantation Has Re-Signed With Relapse Records And Will Be Releasing A New Album This Year!

Blast The New Walls Of Jericho Song! "Relentless" Is Here!

Iranian Metal Band Confess Jailed And Facing Possible Execution For Playing Heavy Metal.

Dream Theater: "The Astonishing" Lands At #11 On The Billboard Top 200!

Mental Health America Of Los Angeles Honor Late Suicide Silence Vocalist With “The Mitch Lucker Clothing Closet!”

Listen To The New Sourvein Song Featuring Randy Blythe!

Skeletonwitch Announces Their New Vocalist, And Previews Some New Music!

70,000 Tons Of Metal Cruise "All-Star Jam" Live Photos By Shawn Evans!

Watch Slipknot Discuss The Meaning Behind Their Masks In A New BBC Documentary!

Nergal Will Release His "Blues, Country And Folk" Album Later This Year!

Magrudergrind Is Streaming "II" Online Now!

Enjoy This One-Man Black Sabbath Cover!

Chino Moreno Details The "Rockstar" Myth!

Simone Simons Performs "Heaven's A Lie" With Lacuna Coil On The 70,000 Tons Of Metal Cruise!

Apocalyptica Announces A New U.S. Tour!

Stu Block, Dave Lombardo, Jeff Waters And More Cover Judas Priest On The 70,000 Tons Of Metal Cruise!

Lamb Of God Announces New Tour Dates With Clutch And Corrosion of Conformity!

Metallica Jams On A New Song, And Confirms They Are "Nearing The End" Of The Recording Process!

Chuck Billy Reveals The Title Of The New Testament Album!

The Black Dahlia Murder Will Play "Unhallowed" In It's Entirety On Their Upcoming U.S. Tour!

Sabaton Releases “Carolus Rex” Clip From Upcoming “Heroes On Tour” DVD!

Rob Scallon Releases His "All Pinch Harmonics" Song!

A Lemmy Kilmister Bronze Statue Will Be In Front Of The Rainbow Bar & Grill!

Chris Drapeau: "Ketu (South)" Playthrough Video Released!

Thrash To A New Artillery Song Now!

Watch Metallica Perform "The Night Before" The Super Bowl Now!

Max And Igor Cavalera To Perform Sepultura's "Roots" In It's Entirety On An Upcoming Tour!

Nergal Wants You To Help Screw The Cancer!

Blast Three NEW Magrudergrind Songs!

February 5th, 2016 Metal Releases!

After The Burial: "Collapse" Single Released!

Holy Grail: "Descent Into The Maelstrom" Single Released!

Pepper Keenan: "I Accept Phil’s Apology."

Deftones: "Prayers/Triangles" Single Released!

Paradise Lost: "Terminal" Video Released!

Scott Kelly Is Streaming His New Acoustic EP Online And Announces New Solo Dates!

Zakk Wylde Performs The First Single From "Book Of Shadows II" On Opie Radio!

Listen To The New Tombs Song Immediately!

Phil Anselmo Told His Bands To "Move On" Without Him!

Two Tyrannosaurus Rex Join Trivium On Stage In Los Angeles!

Heavy Montreal 2016 To Feature Mastodon, Killswitch Engage, Fear Factory And More!

Kvelertak, Torche And Wild Throne North American Tour Announced!

Deftones Uploads One Minute Of A New Song!

Dream Theater: "The Gift Of Music" Video Released!

Rotting Christ Is Streaming "Rituals" Online!

James Hetfield Was Featured In American Dad!

Fleshgod Apocalypse: "Cold As Perfection" Video Released!

Watch Behemoth Perform "The Satanist" Live In Sweden!

Obscura Is Streaming "Akróasis" Online Now!

You Will Be Able To Stream Metallica's "The Night Before" Concert On Saturday Night!

Watch Obituary, Corrosion of Conformity, Deicide And More From The Front Row At Florida Metal Fest!

Lose Yourself In The New North Song!

Megadeth's "Dystopia" Lands At #3 On The Billboard Top 200!

Watch The Kids From The O'Keefe Music Foundation Cover "Duality" By Slipknot!

Jon Oliva Of Savatage Joins Obituary On Stage At The Florida Metal Fest!

Can You Handle Rob Halford Holding a High Note for Five Minutes?

Steel Panther Shares "Death To All But Metal" Clip From Their Upcoming Live CD/DVD!

Tengger Cavalry Exclusive Live Photos By Sinestra Studios!

Listen To A New Voivod Song! "Post Society" Is Here!

Textures: "Shaping A Single Grain Of Sand" Video Released!

Dream Theater Is Streaming "The Astonishing" Online!

Phil Anselmo Apologizes For His Actions At Dimebash.

At The Gates: "The Circular Ruins" Video Released!

Robb Flynn Calls Out Phil Anselmo On Racism Accusation!

Blast The New Incite Song! "Stagnant" Is Here!

Prong Releases "Cut And Dry" To The Masses!

Anthrax Debuts "Breathing Lightning" Live In Ohio!

Skeletonwitch Has Finished Recording Their New EP!

Killswitch Engage: "Hate By Design" Video Released!

January 29th, 2016 Metal Releases!

The Sword, Royal Thunder And Purson Announce A North American Tour!

Origin Shares An Amazing Clip With Their First Ever Blind Stage Diver!

Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik Share The Second Skjuggsjá Single!

Crowbar Will Enter The Studio Next Month To Record Their Eleventh Studio Album!

Lose Yourself In The New Graves At Sea Single!

Slayer Fan Holds Up His "God Hates Us All" Banner With Religious Protesters At NAMM!

HELLYEAH Teases Their New Album And New Live DVD!

Sevendust And Trivium WIll Be Touring The States Together!

Deftones Shares The First "Gore" Teaser And Confirms The Release Date!

What Is Opeth Teasing In 2016?

Monster Truck Is Delivering Genuine Rock 'n' Roll In 2016!

Ketzer Is Streaming "Starless" Online Now!

Noisem Announces Five Shows You Can't Miss!

Black Tusk Is Streaming "Pillars Of Ash" Online Right Now!

Children Of Bodom: "Horns" Lyric Video Released!

Minarik Guitars Details "The Lemmy Bass" At NAMM 2016!

Destroyer 666: "Hymn to Dionysus" Single Released!

Omnium Gatherum: "Frontiers" Video Released!

Gary Holt Uses His Own Blood To Paint His New Signature ESP Guitar!

The New Death Angel Album Is Done!

Play Every Motörhead Song At Once, And Your Head May Explode!

Amon Amarth Details Their "Jomsviking" Concept Album, Announces A North American Tour, And Releases The "First Kill" Video!

Rotting Christ: "Tou Thanatou" Single Unleashed!

Lamb Of God’s Mark Morton Releases A New Solo Track!

Bury Tomorrow Releases A New Song Featuring Jamey Jasta!

Black Sabbath: Four Unreleased Songs From "The End" Album Streaming Online!

Phil Anselmo Performs Pantera And Motorhead Classics With Legends At Dimebash 2016!

Deftones Will Release Their New Album In April!

Fleshgod Apocalypse: "Gravity" Single Released!

Dream Theater Releases Their Epic "Moment Of Betrayal" Single!

Holy Grail: "Crystal King" Single Released!

Megadeth: “Dystopia” Video Released!

Decapitated: "Veins" Animated Video Released!

Rotten Sound Unleashes "Lazy Asses" To The World!

Black Sabbath: "The End" Tour Set List And Fan Footage From First Show Is Here!

Agoraphobic Nosebleed Is Streaming Their "Arc" EP Online Right Now!

Exumer: "Catatonic" Single Unleashed!

Unearth Announces New Headlining Dates With Ringworm, Fit For An Autopsy And More!

Killswitch Engage To Take Over New York City In March!

Slipknot Performs "Skeptic" Live For The First Time Ever!

Lamb Of God And Anthrax Cover Stormtroopers of Death In Atlanta!

The Contortionist Announces A New North American Tour Headlining Tour!

Lamb Of God And Clutch Will Perform At Bonnaroo 2016!

Children Of Bodom Announces Daniel Freyberg As Their New Guitarist!

Wormed Releases "Pseudo-Horizon" To The Masses!

Lemmy Kilmister's Official Cause Of Death Revealed.

Angel Vivaldi And Ben Eller Team Up For A Face-Melting Good Time!

Gojira Shares Another Update From The Studio!

Amon Amarth And Josh Barnett Go After "Keyboard Warriors" In The Latest "First Kill" Tease!

Mastodon To Release A 12″ Picture Disc For Their "Game Of Thrones" Track!

"That Metal Show" Will No Longer Be Produced By VH1 Classic!

Nile: Karl Sanders Interview By Metal Mark!

Killswitch Engage Unveils "Incarnate" Artwork, And Announces A North American Tour!

Kvelertak Is Recording Their New Album Right Now!

Despised Icon Is Back!

Dave Mustaine Shares His Favorite Song He Wrote In Metallica!

Dez Fafara Shares A Brief Clip Of New DevilDriver Music!

Rotting Christ: "Ze Nigmar" Single Unleashed!

Rob Scallon Performs Johann Sebastian Bach's "Badinerie" In The Most Metal Way Ever!

Watch 1349, Tombs And Full Of Hell Destroy Saint Vitus Bar!

Watch Lamb Of God Perform "Overlord" Live For The First Time Ever!

Iron Maiden Reveals "Legacy Of The Beast" RPG Game Is Coming This Summer!

Christian Bale Got Ready For "The Big Short" By Learning Pantera!

Blast The Brand New Entombed AD Song!

Black Sabbath Takes You Behind The Scenes Of "The End" Tour Rehearsals!

Aborted: "Vestal Disfigurement Upon The Sacred Chantry" Single Unleashed!

Destruction Is Releasing Their New Album In May!

Acrassicauda: "Rise" Video Released!

Sabaton Releases "Resist And Bite" Clip From Upcoming "Heroes On Tour" DVD!

InAeona: "Soldier" Video Released!

Black Sabbath To Release FOUR Unreleased Songs To Fans On "The End" Tour!

Obscura: "The Monist" Single Unleashed!

Steel Panther Shares "That's When You Came In" Clip From Their Upcoming Live CD/DVD!

Soulfly: "Titans" Lyric Video Released!

Zakk Wylde To Release "Book Of Shadows II" In April!

Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik Reveal The First Skjuggsjá Single!

Watch Nile From The Front Row In Florida!

Black Sabbath Reveals Tommy Clufetos Will Be Behind The Kit For "The End" World Tour!

Venomous Concept Covers "Suffragette City" As An Homage To David Bowie!

Queensryche: “Eye9” Video Released!

Zakk Wylde Has Had Enough Of Adele!

Blast The New Exumer Single, "Sinister Souls", Now!

Black Tusk: “Desolation Of Endless Times” Single Released!

Life Of Agony To Release "A Place Where There's No More Pain" Later This Year!

Behemoth Will Perform "The Satanist" In It's Entirety On Spring North American Tour!

Steel Panther Releases The "Live From Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage" Trailer!

Abbath Is Streaming His Self-Titled Debut Album Right Now!

Hatebreed Announces Their New Album, And A New Headlining Tour!

Dream Theater's Jordan Rudess Pays Tribute To David Bowie!

Primal Fear: "Rulebreaker" Single Released!

Dream Theater Releases "The Astonishing" Official Trailer!

Textures: "Illuminate The Trail" Single Released!

Rob Zombie Reveals The Release Date For His New Album!

Agoraphobic Nosebleed: "Deathbed" Single Released!

Rotting Christ: "In Nomine Dei Nostri" Single Unleashed!

The 2016 "Dimebash" Concert Will Feature Members Of Pantera, Slayer, Machine Head, And More!

Bury Tomorrow Premieres Two New Videos!

Watch Corey Taylor, Dave Lombardo, Alex Skolnick, David Ellefson And Phil Demmel Cover "Ace Of Spades" In West Hollywood!

Watch Lemmy Kilmister’s Memorial Service Right Now!

Holy Grail: "No More Heroes" Single Released!

After The Burial: "Lost In The Static" Video Released!

Support The Idea For A "Lemmy" Kilmister Statue At The Rainbow Bar And Grill!

Watch Amazing Live Footage Of TOOL From California!

Exmortus: "Relentless" Video Released!

Randy Blythe Is Working On A "Futuristic" Novel!

The Order Of Elijah Is Streaming "War At Heart" Online Now!

Cauldron Is Streaming "In Ruin" Online Right Now!

Darkest Hour Covers "Painkiller" By Judas Priest!

Megadeth: "Dystopia" Single Released!

Sign The Petition To Rename A "Jack Daniels And Coke" To "A Lemmy!"

Lacuna Coil "Reintroduced A Lot Of Growls" On Their New Album!

Blast The New Aegaeon Song Now!

Ex Deo To Release "The Immortal Wars" In February Of 2017!

Weedeater, Author & Punisher, Today Is The Day And Lord Dying Tour Announced!

Act Of Defiance Announces A New North American Tour!

Revocation Has Started Recording Their New Album!

Blast The New Destroyer 666 Song Immediately!

Lemmy Kilmister's Memorial Service To Be Webcast Live!

Black Tusk And Holy Grail Tour Dates Announced!

Intronaut, The Ocean And North Tour Dates Announced!

Between The Buried And Me, August Burns Red, The Faceless And Good Tiger Tour Dates Announced!

Abbath: "Ashes Of The Damned" Single Unleashed!

Venomous Concept Is Streaming "Kick Me Silly: VCIII" Online Right Now!

When You Hear Metal For The First Time!

Gojira Shares A Video Update On Their New Album!

Rainbow Bar & Grill To Host Lemmy Kilmister's Public Memorial This Saturday!

Royal Thunder Performs Two Masterful Sets At Saint Vitus Bar!

The New Neurosis Album Is Done!

Anthrax: "Breathing Lightning" Single Released!

Mutoid Man Rings In The New Year At Saint Vitus Bar!

Most Anticipated Metal Albums of 2016!

SiriusXM’s ‘Liquid Metal’ Reveals Their Top 20 Songs Of 2015!

Corey Taylor: “His Name Was Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister…And He Played Rock’n’Roll.”

Ozzy On Lemmy: “He Was My Hero.”

Superjoint Is Recording Their New Album Right Now!

Metallica Members Pay Tribute To Lemmy!

Dead Cross Shares A Brief Clip From Their Studio Sessions!

Watch Footage Of Motörhead’s Final Concert Ever!

Mikkey Dee Confirms Motorhead Is Over.

Ozzy, Metallica, King Diamond And More Pay Tribute To Lemmy!

Lemmy Kilmister Has Died At 70 Years Old.

Metal Mark’s Favorite Music Videos Of 2015!

Fleshgod Apocalypse: “The Fool” Single Released!

Tengger Cavalry Conquered Carnegie Hall On Christmas Eve!

Nergal Says The New Behemoth Record Could Arrive In 2017!

Through The Eyes Of The Dead Releases A New Song!

You Need These Slayer Christmas Cards!

Between The Buried And Me, Enslaved, Intronaut And Native Construct Live Photos By Sinestra Studios!

Baroness: Nick Jost And Sebastian Thomson Exclusive Interview By Metal Mark!

Borknagar: “Winter Thrice” Video Released!

Sólstafir: “Miðaftann” Video Released!

The Sumerian Records 10 Year Tour Features Born Of Osiris, Veil Of Maya, After The Burial And More!

You Must Hear These Two Mash Ups Of Judas Priest And Iron Maiden!

Intronaut Live Photos By Emily Harris!

Hear A Snippet Of A New Metallica Song Right Now!

Enslaved: Grutle Kjellson Exclusive Interview By Metal Mark!

Iron Maiden Releases “A Christmas Cheers” Video To Fans All Over The World!

Watch Death Angel Perform “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” Live In California!

CJ McMahon Leaves Thy Art Is Murder!

Sock Puppet Parody Uploads “Immortal Christmas II – The Summoning” Video!

Between The Buried And Me Live Photos By Emily Harris!

Watch High On Fire And Crowbar From The Front Row!

Rob Zombie Teases “Electric Warlock” And Announces His New Album!

Khaotika: “In The Shade Ov Night” Video Released!

Venomous Concept: “Leper Dog” Single Released!

Veil Of Maya: “Aeris” Video Released!

Baroness Live Photos From The Earl In Atlanta By Shawn Evans!

Ihsahn: “Mass Darkness” New Single Released!

Angel Vivaldi Covers Joe Satriani’s “Crystal Planet” And It RULES!

Neurosis Will Begin Recording Their New Album This Month!

Dream Theater Announces A New North American Headlining Tour!

Rivers Of Nihil, Dark Sermon And Black Fast U.S. Tour Announced!

Baroness Is Streaming “Purple” Online Right Now!

Killswitch Engage Reveals The Name Of Their New Album!

Enslaved Live Photos From Atlanta By Emily Harris!

Motörhead: “When The Sky Comes Looking For You” Video Released!

Jeremy Wagner Shows Off His Jeff Hanneman Guitar Collection!

Venomous Concept: “The Potters Ground” Single Unleashed!

Obscura Releases “Sermon Of The Seven Suns” To The World!

James Hetfield Shares His Top Ten Things Of 2015!

Children Of Bodom Announces New Headlining Shows In The United States!

IKILLYA Live Photos By Max R. Sequeira!

Faith No More: “Separation Anxiety” Video Released!

Is That Pantera You Hear In The New Carl’s Jr. Commercial? YES!

Listen To THREE New Primal Fear Songs!

Ozzy Osbourne Releases His “How Ozzy Stole Christmas” Ugly Holiday Sweater!

Lies Beneath Live Photos By Max R. Sequeira!

Holy Grail Debuts New Material Live In Texas!

Tengger Cavalry Exclusive Interview By Metal Mark!

Black Tusk: “Born of Strife” Single Released!

Watch Machine Head’s FULL Set From San Antonio, Texas!

AC/DC Announce 2016 US Tour Dates!

Stone Sour Releases Their Cover Of “Seasons In The Abyss” By Slayer!

Abbath Is Streaming Their Cover Of “Riding On The Wind” By Judas Priest Online Now!

Megadeth: “The Threat Is Real” Video Released!

Metal Mark’s Top 15 Metal Albums Of 2015!

Moonsorrow Will Be Releasing “Jumalten Aika” In April!

Chris Adler Will Be Behind The Kit For Megadeth In The States!

Toothgrinder: “Diamonds For Gold” Single Released!

Metallica: “Back to the Front” Book Cover And Details Revealed!

Florida Metal Fest To Feature Obituary, Corrosion of Conformity, Deicide And More!

Mastodon’s Brann Dailor Gives The Best Drum Lessons Ever!

Killswitch Engage: “Strength Of The Mind” Video Released!

Abbath: “Count The Dead” Single Released!

Blast The New Exumer Single Now!

Pantera Releases Their “Fucking Holidays” Ugly Holiday Sweater!

Charles Bradley’s Soul Cover of Black Sabbath’s “Changes” Will Leave You Speechless!

80 Machine Head Songs In 8 Minutes!

Rotting Christ Releases “Elthe Kyrie” To The World!

Gojira To Re-Release “Terra Incognita” In 2016!

Behemoth And Toxic Vision Team Up For “The Congregation” In Europe!

Watch Ten Year Old, Devin Shattuck, Cover “Flight of Icarus” With Nicko McBrain!

All That Remains: “Victory Lap” Video Released!

Cauldron: “Empress (In Ruin)” Single Released!

Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Cryptopsy And Abysmal Dawn North American Tour Announced!

Watain Live Photos From Atlanta By Shawn Evans!

The Iron Maiden Headphones Are Now Available To Purchase!

Mayhem Live Photos From Atlanta By Shawn Evans!

Watch Machine Head Live From The Front Row In Florida!

Decapitated, Black Breath And Theories North American Tour Announced!

Megadeth, Suicidal Tendencies, Children Of Bodom And Havok Tour Dates Announced!

Opeth Releases “XXV Anniversary Imperial Stout” To The World!

The “Best Metal Performance” Nominees For The 58th annual Grammy Awards Include Slipknot, Lamb Of God And More!

Jucifer: “Song Of The Waking City” Video Released!

Aborted: “Termination Redux” NSFW Video Released!

Cradle Of Filth: “Blackest Magick In Practice” Video Released!

Watch Attila Cover Tormentor On Stage With Watain!

Anthrax Tells You What To Expect From “For All Kings” In February!

Blast TWO New Venomous Concept Songs Now!

Listen To The New Dream Theater Song! “The Gift Of Music” Is Here!

Is Opeth Releasing Their Own Beer Soon?

Black Sabbath Will Release Deluxe Re-Issues Of Their First Three Albums!

Royal Thunder Live Photos From Atlanta By Shawn Evans!

Baroness: “Morningstar” Single Released!

Slayer, Testament And Carcass Tour Dates Are Here!

Dead Cross Makes Their Live Debut In California!

Hear Greg Puciato Like Never Before In The Black Queen!

Metallica Unveils The “Master Of Puppets” Skateboard Deck, And It’s AWESOME!

Exodus Live Photos From Atlanta By Shawn Evans!

Watch The Dave Grohl And Animal Drum Battle!

Black Tusk, Royal Thunder And Bask Tour Announced!

Dream Theater Reveals “The Astonishing” Artwork And Track Listing!

Exmortus Releases “Death To Tyrants” Single To The World!

Napalm Death Is Touring The States With The Melvins!

Nails Will Begin Recording Their New Album This Month!

Khaotika Live Photos From Knotfest By Emily Harris!

Sunn O))) Is Streaming “Kannon” Online Now!

Black Sabbath Uploads A “Lost Cartoon Flashback!”

Randy Blythe Opens Up About Suicide, Depression And More For The You Rock Foundation!

Helloween: “Lost In America” Video Released!

Born Of Osiris: “Illuminate” Video Released!

Exodus: Steve “Zetro” Souza Interview By Metal Mark!

Slipknot Live Photos From Knotfest By Emily Harris!

Watch Baroness Perform At Reckless Records In Chicago!

Richie Faulkner Says Judas Priest Is Heading Back Into The Studio Next Year!

Toothgrinder Releases “Lace & Anchor” Video!

Soilwork: “Death In General” Video Released!

Korn Live Photos From Knotfest By Emily Harris!

Slayer, Testament And Carcass Will Be Touring The States!

Megadeth: “The Threat Is Real” Single Released!

Goatwhore Live Photos From Knotfest By Emily Harris!

The Fourth Annual “Metallica Night” With The San Francisco Giants Details Are Here!

Culture Killer Is Streaming “Throes of Mankind” Online!

Adam Jones Gives A New Update On The “Wonderful” New Tool Album!

1349, Tombs & Full Of Hell U.S. Tour Dates Revealed!

Mastodon Live Photos From Knotfest By Emily Harris!

Stone Sour Releases Their Cover Of “Running Free” By Iron Maiden!

Slayer Bob Shows Off His Slipknot Christmas Lights!

Deafheaven And Power Trip Have Been Added To The Lamb Of God And Anthrax Tour!

Phil Anselmo Announces A New Death Metal Project!

Dead Cross Features Dave Lombardo And Members Of The Locust And Retox!

Borknagar Releases “Winter Thrice“ Details And A New Song!

Vision Of Disorder Is Streaming “Razed To The Ground” Online Now!

Paradise Lost Releases “Victims Of The Past” From Their “Symphony For The Lost” CD/DVD!

Anthrax Releases “Madhouse” Live From 1987!

Officer Fired For Joining Vital Remains On Stage In Florida!

Rivers of Nihil: “Sand Baptism” Live Video Released!

Cauldron: “No Return / In Ruin” Video Released!

Neurosis Announces Sleep And Shellac As Support For Their 30th Anniversary Shows!

IKILLYA: “Driven” Official Live Video Released!

Listen To The New Obscura Song! “Akroasis” Is Finally Here!

Watch Suffocation’s FULL Set From Sanford, Florida!

DevilDriver To Release “Trust No One” In May!

Vision Of Disorder: “Electric Sky” Single Unleashed!

Meek Is Murder Is Streaming Their Cover Of Metallica’s “Blackened” Online Right Now!

Black Tusk Releases “God’s On Vacation” To The World!

This Metal Toddler Loves Exmortus!

Twelve Foot Ninja: “One Hand Killing” Video Released!

Anthrax: “For All Kings” Cover Artwork Revealed!

Iron & Wine covers GWAR’s “Sick Of You” For The A.V. Club!

At The Gates: “The Night Eternal” Video Released!

Tool Announces U.S. Tour Dates In 2016!

Have You Seen “‘Tallica Parking Lot” Yet?

Stone Sour Releases Their Cover Of A Bad Brains Classic!

Arch Enemy: “You Will Know My Name” Live Video Released!

Battlecross And Pustulus Maximus Cover Pantera Live In New York City!

Abbath, High On Fire, Skeletonwitch And Tribulation Will Be On The 2016 Decibel Tour!

Zafakon Exclusive Interview By Metal Mark!

A Police Officer Intros “Dechristianize” On Stage With Vital Remains!

Intronaut: “Fast Worms” Video Released!

Baroness: “Shock Me” Single Released!

Jamey Jasta Says To Expect The New Hatebreed In The Spring Of 2016!

Exmortus Releases Their “Relentless” Single To The World!

Listen To The New Textures Song! “New Horizons” Is Here!

Swallow The Sun: “Rooms And Shadows” Video Released!

Tool Teases A U.S. Tour In January!

November 13th, 2015 Metal Releases!

Blast TWO New Culture Killer Songs NOW!

Fleshgod Apocalypse, Carach Angren And Abigail Williams Tour Dates Announced!

Misery Index Shares Their Cover Of “Primitive Future” By Sepultura!

Former Motorhead Drummer, Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor, Has Passed Away.

Watch John 5 Cover “Beat It” By Michael Jackson Live In California!

Watch Footage From The Final 3 Inches Of Blood Show!

Fleshgod Apocalypse Releases The “King” Cover Artwork!

Anthrax Debuts “Evil Twin” Live In Europe!

Watch Bombers Cover Motorhead To Close Out Martyrdoom!

Lamb Of God: “Erase This” Lyric Video Released!

“Morbid Tales! A Tribute to Celtic Frost” Is Streaming Online Right Now!

Randy Blythe Issues A Statement On The Dublin Attack!

Exmortus Releases The “Ride Forth” Artwork!

Vektor Releases “Ultimate Artificer” To The World!

Watch Cannibal Corpse, Cattle Decapitation And Soreption From The Front Row!

Abbath Releases A Brand New Song! Listen To “Winter Bane” Now!

Lamb Of God And Anthrax Are Touring The United States Together In 2016!

Dark Sermon: “The Eyeless Needle” Video Released!

Randy Blythe Was Attacked In Dublin, Still Puts On An Awesome Show!

Travis Ryan Performs “A Skull Full Of Maggots” On Stage With Cannibal Corpse!

Obscura To Release “Akróasis” In February!

Stone Sour Covers The Rolling Stones With Lzzy Hale!

Armored Saint: “An Exercise In Debauchery” Video Released!

Hate Eternal Live Photos From New York City By Sinestra Studios!

Watch King Diamond Perform “Abigail” In It’s Entirety Live!

Mark Osegueda And Cristina Scabbia Are Featured On “Scars” For Metal Allegiance!

Dave Mustaine Says Lamb Of God Will Not Be Touring With Megadeth In North America!

The New Metallica Album Will “Most Likely” Be Out In 2016!

Baroness Releases A New “Purple” Update, And Announces In-Store Appearances!

Daniel Svensson Leaves In Flames!

Misery Index Live Photos From New York City By Sinestra Studios!

Revenge Is Streaming “Behold.Total.Rejection” Online NOW!

Killswitch Engage Is Releasing Their New Album In March!

Brent Hinds and Juan Montoya Are Featured In The Hilarious New Orange Amplification Short!

Enslaved Releases Their “Convoys To Nothingness” Studio Video!

Blast The New Autopsy Song!

Relapse Records Releases Their Free 2015 Sampler!

Devin Townsend Shares “Deadhead” Clip From Upcoming Live DVD!

Beyond Creation Live Photos From New York City By Sinestra Studios!

Watch Marty Friedman Perform “Amagi Goe” On EMGtv!

Megadeth Will Tour The States In February!

Baroness Talks Drums And “Perfection” On The Latest “Purple” Update!

Shattered Sun: “Waging War” Video Released!

Marty Friedman Announces New Headlining Dates!

Max Cavalera Performs “Head Up” With Deftones In Arizona!

Voivod Announces A New Headlining Tour In The States!

Rivers of Nihil Live Photos From New York City By Sinestra Studios!

Kylesa: “Lost And Found” Video Released!

Toothgrinder Releases “The House (That Fear Built)” Video!

Dream Theater Reveals Their New Album Title And More!

Swallow The Sun: “Abandoned By The Light” Single Released!

Watch Revocation Perform “Alliance And Tyranny” Live To Get Ready For Their “Empire of the Obscene” Re-Issue!

Listen To A Snippet Of New Dimmu Borgir Music!

Anthrax Is Releasing “For All Kings” In February Of 2016!

Cradle of Filth, Butcher Babies, Ne Obliviscaris Tour Dates Announced!

Pepper Keenan Performs “Spacegrass” On Stage With Clutch!

Devil You Know: “Eye of The Tiger” Cover Is Online Now!

Kyng Live Photos From Knotfest By Sonny Guillen!

Metallica Shares A New Video From The Studio!

Tool Dress As Led Zeppelin And Cover “No Quarter” Live In Arizona!

Converge Shares Two Live Clips From Their Upcoming Blu-ray!

Thy Art Is Murder: “Violent Reckoning” Lyric Video Released!

Prong Announces A New Headlining Tour!

Motörhead’s “Imperial Pale Lager” Is Coming Soon!

Demon Hunter: “The Last One Alive” Video Released!

October 30th, 2015 Metal Releases!

Listen To The New After The Burial Song!

Abigail Williams Is Streaming “The Accuser” Online!

Max Cavalera Interview By Metal Mark!

Kirk Hammett Confirms Metallica Is Recording New Songs Right Now!

Kerry King And King Diamond Go One On One!

Epica: “Unchain Utopia” Live Video Released!



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