Good news Megadeth fans! As we all know by now, the icons will be releasing “Dystopia” on January 22nd, and now we have an idea of when they’ll be touring the States in support of the new record! While chatting with fans on Periscope, Dave Mustaine said, “We’re not gonna be heading back into the States until, I think… In February of ’16, I think, is when we start the U.S. tour. And we’ve got a pretty interesting lineup. I’m sure you guys are gonna be stoked. I can’t say anything yet until it’s confirmed. But it looks like everybody’s gonna be accepting the tour. And it’ll be four of us.

A few weeks ago Chris Adler mentioned that there is talk of a Megadeth and Lamb Of God tour in the States, so could that be two of the bands? I sure hope so! We’ll find out all the details soon, but one thing is for sure, Megadeth is touring the States early next year! GET STOKED!



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