Reports are filtering in about (yet another) alleged infamous Mega-Dave incident, this time taking place in Oulu, Finland.  In an interview with Qstock organizer Mikko Forstén, YLEX confirmed that via the band’s tour manager, Dave Mustaine indeed refused to perform at the festival if the VIP tent was serving salmon.

Lucky for all the festival-goers, salmon was apparently not on the menu in the VIP area that day.  If Qstock‘s VIP area is like… well, any other festival backstage that I’ve been to, there was probably a limited-selection of ‘vats-full-of-unidentifiable-red-meat-and-potatoes’.  I speculate that this was satisfactory for the band (or the TM) and so they came to the festival grounds once the information had been communicated.

Megadeth was the headliner of Qstock so they basically got to do whatever they wanted which, according to YLEX, included (literally) pulling the plug on an artist who was in the middle of their set because the band could hear them.  The artist who was performing on the second stage, Musta Barbaari, started at 23:00 and Megadeth was supposed to start at 23:15 on the main stage.  Just after Musta started, Megadeth‘s tour manager ordered the festival organizers to stop the other performance otherwise Megadeth would not go on.  Forstén commented, “The situation was really stupid, but we did not really have much choice.” (translated) He also referred to the situation as, “uncalled for” (translated) because the second stage was very far away and facing a different direction.  MTV Finland (not to be confused with MTV in the US) reported that after Megadeth started playing Musta Barbaari was allowed to continue his set.

This was not the end of the drama, however.  Apparently after Musta Barbaari completed his set on the second stage, he ran over to the main stage while Megadeth was mid-set and ran onto the stage and ripped his shirt off.  Musta tweeted, “Megadeth stopped my show by pulling the plug, so I stopped theirs by running on stage and taking my shirt off.” (translated)  He was of course removed from the festival grounds by security but I guess he made his point.

Megadeth was apparently happy with their set and came off stage paying compliments to people so it’s hard to tell if it was the band or the Tour Manager contributing to the ridiculousness that took place. Regardless of the ‘why’ or the ‘who’ is the fact that the band is once again involved in some negative event. When does the drama stop?

UPDATE: Video has emerged of Musta Barbaari running around on stage during Megadeth‘s set:

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