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Hi! I am Ashley, a mother of two and I live in Toronto, Ontario. I grew up in a small town, an hour North of Toronto. It was boring and I spent most of my time listening to music and started in the metal scene around the age of 16. My first metal show was Mudvayne and American Headcharge. From there my passion for the scene only grew and I started looking into other metal bands and my interest just exploded from there. Finding the likes of Opeth,Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir, etc..I knew this is where I belong. I was also a part of the Roadrunner Canada Street Team for a bit, which led me to becoming an intern for a short while in their office.

I enjoy all metal from progressive to black, but Gwar will always make me weak in the knees and you can usually find me in my natural habitat, metal shows and nerd conventions getting freaky. I fully believe in raising my kids on heavy music and having their love for the genre grow as well.

I’m here to spread the love of music and hope to share a passion that brings us all together.


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