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Aftermoon – Phase One (Wormholedeath)
Architects UK – All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us (Epitaph)
Behexen – The Poisonous Path (Debemur Morti)
Binary Code – Moonsblood (Self released)
Blasted To Static – Blasted To Static (Metropolis)
Blizzen – Genesis Reversed (High Roller)
Death Angel – The Evil Divide (Nuclear Blast)
Deathstorm – Blood Beneath The Crypts (High Roller)
Dehuman Reign – Ascending From Below (FDA Rekotz)
Earthless / Harsh Toke – Acid Crusher / Mount Swan Split EP(Tee Pee)
Elderblood – Messiah (Osmose)
Farflung – 5 (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Frost – Falling Satellites (Inside Out)
Gutter Instinct – Age Of The Fanatics (Prosthetic)
Hesitation Wounds – Awake For Everything (6131 Records)
In Twilight’s Embrace – Trembling (Arachnophobia)
Jim Breuer and The Loud & Rowdy – Songs From The Garage (Metal Blade)
Katalepsy – Gravenous Hour (Unique Leader)
Lacuna Coil – Delirium (Century Media)
Lord Vicar – Gates Of Flesh (The Church Within)
Mortillery – Shapeshifter (Napalm)
Muscle & Marrow – Love (The Flenser)
Nekrarchon – Gehinnam (FDA Rekotz)
Naked Star – Bloodmoon Prophecy (Voice Of Azram)
Omen – Hammer Damage (Pure Steel)
The Order Of Israfel – Red Robes (Napalm)
Overtures – Artifacts (Sleaszy Rider)
Perish Lane – Breaking The Metaphor (Pavement)
Sektemtum – Panacea (Osmose)
Six Feet Under – Graveyard Classics IV: The Number Of The Priest (Metal Blade)
Stortregn – Singularity (Non Serviam)
Suns Of Thyme – Cascades (Napalm)
Thrice – To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere (self-released)
Throane – Derrière-Nous, La Lumière (Debemur Morti)
Vainaja – Verenvalaja (Svart)
Vampyromorpha – Fiendish Tales Of Doom (Trollzorn)
Withered – Grief Relic (Season Of Mist)


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