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May 19th, 2015 Metal Releases!


May 19th, 2015 Metal Releases!


SkullsNBones keeps you up to date with the latest CD releases on Tuesday’s. Check out the list below and you can buy the CD’s below the full list. Support Metal!

Alcoholator – Escape From Reality (High Roller)
Ars Irae – Dunkle Klange (Quality Steel)
Coal Chamber – Rivals (Napalm)
Corpse Garden – Entheogen (Satanath/RTM)
Corpse Light – Without Form (Grimoire)
Death Alley – Black Magick Boogieland (Tee Pee)
Doomed – Wrath Monolith (Solitude)
Dysteria – F–k The Future (Vetala)
Earth Crisis – The Discipline (Bullet Tooth)
Entrails – Obliteration (Metal Blade)
Eversin – Trinity: The Annihilation (My Kingdom)
Eschaton – Sentinel Apocalypse (Unique Leader)
Faith No More – Sol Invictus (Reclamation / Ipecac)
Galley Beggar – Silence & Tears (Rise Above)
George Kollias – Invictus (Season of Mist)
Groteskh – Code: End (Cursed)
Gutter Instinct – The Insurrection EP (Prosthetic)
Haste The Day – Coward (Solid State)
Hypothermia – Svartkonst (Agonia)
Ironsword – None But the Brave (Shadow Kingdom)
King Parrot – Dead Set (Agonia / Housecore)
Mantar – Death By Burning (Brutal Panda Records)
Profanator – Mvtter Vicivm (Chaos)
Sammal – Myrskyvaroitus (Svart)
Secrets Of The Sky – Pathway (Metal Blade)
Sirens Over Sumeria – Sirens Over Sumeria (Imminence)
Tau Cross – Tau Cross (Relapse)
Tengger Cavalry – Blood Sacrifice Shaman (Metal Hell)
Tesseract – Odyssey/Scala DVD/CD (Century Media)
Valborg – Romantik (Temple of Tortuous)
Valkyrie – Shadows (Relapse)
Venomous Maximus – Firewalker (Shadow Kingdom)
Weedeater – Goliathan (Season of Mist)