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Martyr Art: “FearFaith Machines” Album Review


Martyr Art: “FearFaith Machines” Album Review

Here’s a little something different if you are a fan of Fear Factory, Static X and the like. Joe Gagliardi III, also known as Martyr Art, single-handedly performed, recorded, mixed and mastered every instrument on FearFaith Machines, his fifth album.

Martyr Art was created in 2004, and Gagliardi masterfully blends elements of thrash, groove, djent, industrial and hardcore into a melting pot of metal that is self-proclaimed as “digital metal.” He has played with Corey Glover, Doyle, KMFDM, Drowning Pool, Brick by Brick and Dead Empires.

“Thundering” is my choice track. It’s haunting, has a doom feel at the beginning, and a sound that recalls Marilyn Manson or even NIN. It twists and winds into the sulci of your brain like a devilish worm. “Binary Slavery” is also a great track with riffs that dig like a pickaxe in ice and you can feel the industrial element woven into it. Add the hardcore constituents and you have a worthy, pit-ready brew here.

Martyr Art dare to tread beyond your normal limits to deliver an album that many fans of different metal genres will embrace.

FearFaith Machines is out now on ZineScene Records. Buy it here!

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