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Marduk: “Frontschwein” Review By Jason Zins!


Marduk: “Frontschwein” Review By Jason Zins!

Marduk have been blaspheming through their brand of black metal since the early days of the genre. Although Evil is the only original member left, they continue to beat the drums of war in killer form on Frontschwein.

Vocalist Mortuus continues to get better with each album, and he spews pure, tortured pain. What I really like about this album, and what raises it above its predecessors, is the dynamics presented in both songwriting and musicianship. They mix it up with different tempos, adding melody only where it fits perfectly. “Afrika” is all-out black metal at its best, but “The Blond Beast” slows things down and has a sinister, dark feel to it. “Wartheland” showcases Marduk‘s capabilities, and drummer Fredrik Widigs proves his rhythm is second to none in this genre. “Rope of Regret,” like the title track, is an assault on your psyche, and it is black metal at it’s best. The production lifts the album, and the mix of melody, riffs, blast beats and vocals are clearly distinguished from each other. I think that’s why I  like this album so much. “Nebelwerfer” is the highlight here with its epic feel and vocals that are pure perfection. It’s slow, raw and dirty. “Doomsday Elite” has a Behemoth feel both in tempo and ambience.

This may well be Marduk‘s finest moment. Some may prefer early sound of black metal, but this modern production suits me perfectly. Marduk are poised to take on the world with Frontschwein.

Frontschwein is out February 10th via Century Media Records.

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Marduk - Frontschwein