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Anthrax – Anthem EP
Batillus – Concrete Sustain
Call Of The Void – Dragged Down A Dead End Path
Cannibal Corpse – Dead Human Collection: 25 Years of Death Metal Box Set
Clutch – Earth Rocker
Goatcraft – All For Naught
Imperium Dekadenz – Meadows of Nostalgia
Inter Arma – Sky Burial
Intronaut – Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words With Tones)
Iron Reagan – Worse Than Dead
Jungle Rot – Terror Regime
Ken Mode – Entrench
Lecherous Nocturne – Behold Almighty Doctrine
Lordi – To Beast Or Not To Beast
Nails – Abandon All Life
Nero Di Marte – Nero Di Marte
Reign Supreme – Sky Burial
Satanic Threat – In To Hell
Six Feet Under – Unborn
Tear Out The Heart – Violence
Tetrarch – Relentless EP
Vanna – The Few And The Far Between

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