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Album Review: Mantar, “The Modern Age Of Setting Ablaze”


Album Review: Mantar, “The Modern Age Of Setting Ablaze”

Germany’s Mantar will return with their latest release, The Modern Art of Setting Ablaze, on August 24 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. This is the third studio album for musicians Hanno Klaenhardt and Erinc Sakaryaand, and they have performed at Roadburn, Wacken Open Air, and Maryland Deathfest.

Mantar are described as black metal doom punk, and their unusual concoction of sound works in perfect harmony on The Modern Art of Setting Ablaze. The compositions are more complex than their previous album, Death By Burning, without losing any of the furious energy. Although the album continues with the underlying concept of fire, it is not so much a political statement but rather an observation of how humanity just blindly follows along.

The production on The Modern Art of Setting Ablaze is modest and heavy as hell with undertones that create a menacing, chaotic environment. Check out standout tracks “Midgard Serpent” and “Eternal Return.” I am becoming rather fond of Mantar‘s mixture of metal genres.

The Modern Art of Setting Ablaze is out August 24 on Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Pre-order it here!

Sam Roon recently captured Mantar live at Tuska Open Air Music Festival. Check our his photos here!

Mantar Live Photos From Tuska 2018 By Sam Roon

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