Album Review: Maniaxe, “Canticles Of Corruption”

Maniaxe are the epitome of everything that is great about old school thrash metal.

Hailing from Australia, they have been around since about 2007 and have released two previous EPs, Sacrificial (2013) and Reign of War (2014). Now they’ve released their first full-length, Canticles of Corruption, which is delivered with relentless drive and confidence. From the early beginnings of my love of metal, thrash has always coursed rather nicely through my veins. Maniaxe are another gem to add to my ever-growing collection.

Vocalist and guitarist Dave slices into your senses on “Heavy Metal Onslaught,” and it presents their hunger for breakneck, eardrum-battering metal. Check out the sick, intricate riff work and tempestuous drumming on “Apocalyptic Vision,” truly capturing what is so goddamned beautiful about the genre. The demons come out to play on “Impaler,” insidious vocals rage alongside the furious rhythm akin to a speed metal warfare.

Maniaxe‘s Canticles of Corruption demonstrates solid thrashing, variations from slower stomping parts to shredding fast guitar solos, and an all-over good dose of aggression.

Canticles of Corruption is out now on Hellfire Records. Buy it here!

Maniaxe - Canticles of Corruption - Promo

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