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Malacoda: “There Will Always Be One” Video Premiere

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Malacoda: “There Will Always Be One” Video Premiere

There is a lot of menace buried in Malacoda‘s music, pulling at reality with gothic tendrils and gnashing with venomous teeth. These Canadians revel int dark swaths of sound, emotive rhythms and searing guitars, and nowhere is this more apparent than on “There Will Always Be One” from their recent, independently released EP, Ritualis Aeterna.

“‘There Will Always Be One’ is probably our thrashiest track,” comments founder and vocalist Lucas Di Mascio “This song has a lot of anger behind it, and it’s dedicated to those who have gotten in the way of the band and made our journey more difficult. Trust me – it’s not an honor to have us write a song about you!”

SkullsnBones is proud to unleash the premiere of Malacoda‘s behind the scenes, studio video of this “There Will Always Be One.” Watch the video and buy Ritualis Aeterna EP here!