The Lurking Fear

To paraphrase Prince, “This is what it sounds like … when demons die.”

The Lurking Fear do not want to be known as a “supergroup.” The fact that all the members hail from the best of the best in Swedish death metal is merely a coincidence. So, we won’t even mention the other bands they perform in, OK? This is just five guys who found the time to release a beast of a record.

Starting off with what sounds like the moans of Hell itself being expunged from the blackest cave imaginable, Out of the Voiceless Grave proceeds to rip you a new one from tip to taint and all points in between. It is an album that never lets up on the sonic assault on your senses. You can feel the devil in these songs; angst, anger, aggravation and a smidgen of encroaching horror seems just around the bend. As you dig deeper and deeper into this, it reminds you of those nightmares where you are running from something in the dark unseen but your legs feel trapped in quicksand. Bottom line? You gonna die. And, it ain’t gonna be pretty or pleasant.

Out of the Voiceless Grave is one of the best death metal albums of the year, if not the finest.

Out of the Voiceless Grave is out now on Century Media Records. Buy it here!

The Lurking Fear - Promo



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