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Lugnet: “Nightwalker” Album Review


Lugnet: “Nightwalker” Album Review

It seems we are getting submissions from all over the globe in the SkullsnBones / Steel Panther search for the bestest of the bestestest in metal bands, which is cool to know that metal and hard rock really are alive these days no matter where on the planet you live. So, let’s take a gander at Sweden’s entry, Lugnet and their album, Nightwalker, shall we …

Lugnet have gone for that hard classic rock sound that is all the rage these days with bands like Greta Van Fleet and Rival Sons; bands that draw upon past groups like Zeppelin, Humble Pie, Free, Bad Company, et al. You know … bands that were the staples of ’70s FM radio. And, having been a teenager myself in the ’70s, these bands were pretty much the soundtrack to my formative years, which probably explains why I really dig Lugnet and why this album has been on repeat since I received it in my inbox.

New singer Johan Fahlberg’s (Jaded Heart) has a killer voice with great range, power and control. A killer rhythm section – bassist Lennart “Z” Zethzon (Badge) and drummer Fredrik Jansson (Angel Witch, ex-Witchcraft) – definitely gets your heart pumping and your toes tapping along. Guitarist Matti Norlin is a new and great addition, together with heavy guitar riffs from Marcus “Mackan” Holten.

Sure, a lot of these bands get grief for wearing their inspirations on their sleeves. But, what can you do? Sometimes your influences have a big effect on your art and you just have to run with it, I guess. If your a classic hard rock fan, you will definitely dig Lugnet and Nightwalker. They made a damn good record and some entertaining videos.

Nightwalker is out now on Pride and Joy. Buy it here!

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