Lucifer’s Child: “The Order” Album Review


Lucifer’s Child: “The Order” Album Review

In the dying season that is autumn, as both the temperature and the foliage descend and the year edges closer to its inevitable demise, the colder winds whisper hints of winter. It is in this season where it is socially acceptable to immerse yourself in the thin veil between the two worlds where all things haunted and dark are the norm.

Out of Athens, Greece, we are introduced to atmospheric black metal from Lucifers Child. Formed by George Emmanuel, guitarist (of Rotting Christ and Chaostar fame) and bassist Stathis Ridis (Nightfall) they were soon joined by vocalist Marios Dupont (Karma Violens) and drummer Nick Vell (Chaostar). Together they have performed at festivals such as Inferno Fest, Blastfest and Incineration Fest. Their debut album, The Wiccan (2015), was well received, and they took to recording in Emmanuel’s personal studio Pentagram to deliver the forthcoming album The Order.

The Order embraces a darker and more insidious sound. From the harrowing vocals of “Viva Morte” to the churning fretwork of the title track, Lucifer’s Child create a scenario that is not the peace and quiet of mid-autumn, but rather reflects a lurking presence found in cellars or under your stairwell. With a nod to the doom genre, it piques the curiosity to what exactly was conjured in “Through Fire We Burn.” The instrumentation is a high point throughout, creating an atmosphere of sinister things as heard in “Black Heart.” For the most part the lyrics are fairly decipherable and sung with fury.

Lucifer’s Child‘s The Order clearly shows that a great deal of thought was put into the composition of the songs, blending the harsh parts with the mellow and preserving a coherent contrast and flow. It is indeed a perfectly grim backdrop to an evening autumn ride in the whispering cold of New England.

Lucifer’s Child will release The Order is out November 9 on Agonia Records. Pre-order it here!

Lucifer's Child - The Order - Promo Photo