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Lower 13: “Restore the Order” Album Review


Lower 13: “Restore the Order” Album Review

Lower 13 bend minds immediately upon launching into “Swallowed by the Light” off of Restore the Order. Jigsaw riffing and labyrinth leads accompany a rhythmic stomp that set these Clevelanders apart from others of their ilk.

This marks the third release from this intense trio who craft a sound that exceeds their makeup. The twelve tracks are propelled by rhythmic precision. A pummeling pace bolsters “Leads to Fate,” including vocals that soar above the fray at times and grind deeply into the melee at others. The album closing “Spotless Mind” is more than seven minutes of chugging madness that grows more intense with each verse, although these professionals know how to release the pressure as needed and they do it well. This track forms the capstone on this formidable album.

Lower 13 released Restore the Order in 2016, and with the time that has elapsed since then, these upstarts surely have grown stronger while incubating. What’s next can only be something even more remarkable.

Restore the Order is out now on Pure Steel Records. Buy it here!

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