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Lorna Shore know how to set a mood. The first minute of Maleficium is just about the creepiest intro I’ve heard since Camilla Rhodes kicked off a record with a girl frantically whispering “silencio.”

Following the swirling and glitchy intro that had me worried the track was corrupt, a wall of blackened deathcore erupts and this EP actually gets rolling. Yes, it’s deathcore, and for the most part you know what you’re getting. But Lorna Shore have so much more going on. There’s the tech-death of “Within The Ruins,” a few scattered breakdowns in the vein of Veil of Maya, and a little hint at The Faceless’ virtuosity. Over the din that these Jersey devils conjure, vocalist Tom Barber sounds legitimately possessed. Someone might wanna check if Mitch Lucker is actually dead and hasn’t just changed his name.

Sadly, the weakest parts are where the band puts in the typical deathcore breakdown, where everything cuts out and all you hear is silence and maybe a snare or splash cymbal. I get that it’s expected, but every band in this genre does it, and it’s time to bury that dead horse. It would be tolerable if it happened maybe two or three times in five songs, but it happens in every song, sometimes twice. I can overlook that flaw because Lorna Shore have made deathcore listenable with Maleficium, and that is not to be taken lightly. Here’s hoping a full length is in the not too distant future.

Maleficium is out now on Density Records.

Rating: 4/5 Stars