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Lord Of War: "Suffer" Album Review By Jason Z


Lord Of War: "Suffer" Album Review By Jason Z

California’s Lord of War dance a fine line between technical death metal and deathcore. Their music also includes atmospheric and melodic, which contributes to their unique sound. What I like most is that they avoid delivering the traditional deathcore breakdown five times every song. Instead, on Suffer, they keep it tied together with melodic, screaming guitars.

“Age Of Heresy” opens up the album in a fast a furious storm of riffs and blast beats. If this doesn’t beat you senseless, nothing will! “Nexus of Hate” takes this beating one step further, albeit with the addition of  atmosphere. “Embryo” is a new lesson in violence altogether, and it combines some intense chugging breakdowns with that aforementioned element of atmospheric metal. The title track has a more traditional “core” type feel, reminiscent of Whitechapel. “Behold The Harvest,” my favorite here, is like an out-of-control freight train!  It has everything you need for an incredible metal song. “Humanaptra” brings a very cool atmospheric aura back into the picture. It blends much better than I ever would have thought for death metal.

Lord of War have a unique sound, and it’s difficult to describe. At times the have a Fallujah air about them, at others they sound like a “core” band, but they hide this well.  They certainly deserve acclaim for Suffer and the very eccentric sound.

Suffer is out now on Unique Leader Records. Buy it here!

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Lord of War - Suffer