Lord Dying: “Poisoned Altars” Video Released!


Lord Dying: “Poisoned Altars” Video Released!

Lord Dying finally released “Poisoned Altars” this week via Relapse Records, and it’s an absolute must have! As Jamie Lee said in his review, “A year-and-a-half on the road has benefited Lord Dying, and judging by “Poisoned Alters,” they are ready to take on the world.” Don’t believe us? You can still stream the album right here!

Today the guys have unleashed their killer new video for the title track, which features a cameo by Red Fang, blood, guts, poison, and a whole lot more! It’s definitely a must watch, especially if you hate yuppies as much as I do! Enjoy it below, and pick up “Poisoned Altars” right now! All hail Lord Dying!