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Lone Cairn: “Obsolete” EP Review


Lone Cairn: “Obsolete” EP Review

Goddamn! I’ve gotten to hear some great new bands as part of what I have deemed our “SnB/Steel Panther Battle of the Unsigne Bands,” but holy schnikes, I am so digging the EP Obsolete by Lone Cairn out of Grenoble, France! Who ever knew a couple of French guys could kick ass like this?

Though they say they base their sound on “classic” rock, I have to tell you, they sure do have a fresh approach to the sound. It features killer production values, great songwriting, and excellent execution across the board. For newbies, they are real professionals. The sound is full and crisp. Each song stands out and draws the listener in 100 percent. Man, do I want to see these guys live. The guitars absolutely soar. The vocals remind me a bit of Geddy Lee in his prime. The only thing that sucks is that Obsolete is only five songs. I’d kill to hear so much more from Lone Cairn it hurts.

I can honestly say there is not a weak track here. All five out of five songs are monsters. My personal favorites are “The Vampire Song,” “The Outsider” and “The Age of Gold.” If this is a sign of the hidden talent in France these days, the world needs to hear a whole lot more. If just two guys can produce something like this, God only knows what the future holds.

You can find Obsolete on Bandcamp. It is easily one of the greatest platforms for discovering new talent in music these days. Lone Cairn, do King Rhino a fucking favor and tour Europe. Get your asses to Budapest. Beer and goulash are on me.

Obsolete is out now. Buy it here!

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