Livid - Beneath This Shroud Cover

Out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, comes the newest release from Livid, Beneath This Shroud, The Earth Erodes. And, it pretty much sounds like the title suggests: slow, sludgy gloomy, and doomy.

Overall, it’s an interesting album. Does it blow me away? Not exactly. I guess I’d really have to be in the mood to be bummed out to ever listen to it again. But, the guys in Livid certainly know how to craft and execute some major depressing heaviness.

If you dig Eyehategod, the Melvins, or calling suicide prevention hotlines on a Saturday night just for someone to talk with, you’ll dig Livid‘s Beneath This Shroud, The Earth Erodes.

Beneath This Shroud, The Earth Erodes is out July 14 on Prosthetic Records. Pre-order it here!



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