Listen To An Exclusive Stream Of Vow Of Thorns' "Farewell To The Sun" Album

This "Farewell" is very welcome!

Listen To An Exclusive Stream Of Vow Of Thorns' "Farewell To The Sun" Album

Pairing black and doom metal isn’t a new approach in a time when sub-genres seem to be one of modern music’s biggest afflictions, but Canada’s Vow of Thorns are merging the two into an infectious amalgamation. Six years into a promising young career, Farewell to the Sun marks their first long-player boasting six massive tracks, including the notable album-opening epic “Meeting on the Astral Plane.”

“With eagerness and gratitude, we present our first full-length release – Farewell to the Sun,” writes vocalist and guitarist Kevin Hawthorne. “The album conceptualizes a journey that begins with enlightenment and leads to death, and describes the arduous path and eventual acceptance of the inevitable end. The songs express the thoughts, actions and emotions that come with the weighted fate that awaits us all, and the state of mind that forms when it is faced directly. Though about the end, this is just the beginning for us in Vow of Thorns. As definitely as death itself, we will bring much more in the coming years.”

We, at SkullsNBones, are always looking for burgeoning acts to feature on our site, so we are proud to feature a premiere of Vow of ThornsFarewell to the Sun album, which will be released July 15 on their own label, Forest Dweller Inc. Turn it up, and buy the album here!