Listen To Stone Sour’s Cover Of “The Dark” By Metal Church Here!

Well this is interesting! Stone Sour recently revealed that they are preparing a new covers album titled “Meanwhile In Burbank,” and thanks to Loudwire, the first cover track has been released. Take a listen to their take on “The Dark” by Metal Church in the clip below! The video features, not only live footage of the band, but clips from the movie, “Fear Clinic,” which featured Corey Taylor as well! So not only are Corey and the band in the video, but so are horror legends Robert Englund, Thomas Dekker and more! It’s pretty killer!

What’s my opinion of the song?

As most people know, I’m a HUGE Metal Church fan. They are icons in my mind, so I listen to any cover very harshly…..but I respect Corey Taylor a ton, so this is a toss up! David Wayne‘s vocals were one of a kind, as is this Metal Church album, but I will say Stone Sour did a pretty solid job. It’s not mind blowing or devastatingly awful, which is how most covers go these days. Plus it’s THEIR take on the classic, so who am I say they did it wrong or not? Let’s see what their next cover will be! Stay tuned!

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