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Listen To The New Tribulation Song Now!


Listen To The New Tribulation Song Now!

Tribulation is currently opening up every show on the massive tour featuring Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth and Aeon, and now they have an exciting update on their new material. Tribulation will be releasing their third album, “The Children Of The Night,” on April 21st in North America via Century Media Records! What can we expect? Here’s what Adam Zaars told Decibel Magazine: “The Children of the Night takes off where The Formulas of Death ended. And if the latter was dark the former is pitch black, though the album ranges from murky forests to the brightest city lights. It is a celebration of the divine spirit and our ability to tread liminal space and the changes that inevitably come with that, a hopefully subversive piece of art. The album takes Tribulation’s path towards the unknown even further and we are treading in uncharted territory…join us!

Are you ready to hear a new song? HELL YES YOU ARE! Thanks to Decibel Magazine, you can blast “In The Dreams Of The Dead” right now! If you dig it, as you should, it’s available to pre-order here! JOIN THEM!

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