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Listen To A Brand New Marduk Song Right Now!


Listen To A Brand New Marduk Song Right Now!

Last month we revealed that Marduk would be releasing their new album in January, and now it’s confirmed! The Swedish black metallers will be unleashing “Frontschwein” on January 19th via Century Media Records! As with their previous releases, you can expect just a true and brutally honest black metal attack! If this first song is any indication of what is coming, prepare your ear holes immediately! The track is called “Rope Of Regret,” and it’s absolutely CRUSHING! The new song and the cover art are below! Enjoy!

Track listing: “Frontschwein”, “The Blond Beast”, “Afrika”, “Wartheland”, “Rope Of Regret”, “Between The Wolf-Packs”, “Nebelwerfer”, “Falaise: Cauldron Of Blood”, “Doomsday Elite”, “503”, “Thousand-Fold Death”

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