Lined: “Soulcrifice” Album Review


Lined: “Soulcrifice” Album Review

Formed back in 2007, the death thrash band Lined are coming out with their second album and first in 11 years, Soulcrifice.

Lined definitely used those 10 years to their advantage, creating some killer riffs and guitar melodies that really stand out in the overall sound of the album. The intro track “Bad Omen” and the first full song “Rotten Society” give a great first impression and a fine start of Soulcrifice. The ominous intro goes into that main riff in “Rotten Society” really well, and that riff gives off such an exciting, thrashy energy that really gets you excited to keep listening through the album. The guitar takes center stage here and it’s done really well. The different melodies carry most of the songs along with these huge epic solos and fast riffs. The other instruments definitely help to form the sound, but those guitar melodies are what really makes this album and Lined stand out to me.

“Nowhere To Run” stands out because of how well it captures every element of Lined’s sound. The track starts with a slower, darker guitar melody over drums that build up into the verse. The track then shifts between darker sounding and thrashy, blast-beated sections with some interesting guitar melodies sprinkled throughout. And with a name like “Nowhere To Run,” you already know that the lyrics are going to be brutal.

It’s clear that Lined took their time with Soulcrifice so they could really do the best they could with each song and make them special for their fans.

Soulcrifice is out June 12 on Art Gates Records. Buy it here!

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